Donghae was in the building but I didn’t get to see him

It was lunchtime but I was at my desk still working. At the back of my head, I could hear some screaming but I paid no attention because I’m used to other departments having meetings on the floor below us and they can be noisy sometimes.

But the screaming persisted and I thought… this can’t be office people having a meeting, unless they’re fighting each other. Besides, the screaming sounded familiar.

So I peeked from the window and saw, as I expected, fan girls running around like crazy on the ground below.

I immediately called the secretary’s office and asked which celebrity was in the building.

“It’s Super Junior’s Donghae! He’s on the fourth floor doing an interview.”


I had a shoot today so I had my DSLR with me. I ran down the stairs, some curious guys were also peeking down the staircase. When I reached the fourth floor, there was no sign of activity or that a Korean star was within five meters.

I went up again and met several excited colleagues.

“He left already!” a friend told me.

An IT guy showed me a blurry photo on his iPhone of Donghae getting into his van. I couldn’t even make out Donghae. I asked them how he looked.

“He’s small, face is so white, chin so sharp,” my friend said. “The first time I saw him, I know already that it can only be plastic surgery. But he looks OK.”

I wouldn’t have cared if a Korean celebrity was in the building because I don’t know much about them. But thanks to Skip Beat, I was introduced to Donghae and Siwon so I was curious enough. Too bad I missed the chance of seeing a Korean star up close.

I checked our database to see if the photograper has uploaded the photos and found these:

Next time, I should learn never to ignore screams, especially if they sound like someone’s having a concert somewhere.

Speaking of Siwon, he will be in Thailand for a meet & greet at some mall in Bangkapi on February 1. I wonder if he will make a stopover at the office? Must watch out for those screaming fans.

Important: The photos in this post belong to the Nation Multimedia Group. Do NOT repost them elsewhere.

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