movie: Bang Bang Formosa 寶島大爆走 (teaser)

I need a good laugh and a good movie. Then I read this review from The China Post about Bang Bang Formosa (寶島大爆走).

There are just two problems. It’s going to open on Friday… and I’m not in Taipei.

Bang Bang Formosa is about a young lady from Shanghai who travels to Taiwan for her graduation trip making her rich dad worry. On her arrival, she gets kidnapped and the rest is history hilarity.

The China Post review says it’s a funny film but I suspect lots of local humor. My Taiwanese friends found Seven Days in Heaven funny but when I watched it, I had to stop midway because I couldn’t find the humor in it. Which is weird because Cape No. 7 also had very local humor yet I found it funny.

Bang Bang Formosa does look like one hell of a movie and I can just imagine how it would appeal to both mainlanders and Taiwanese alike, though I’m not sure about the kidnapping angle. Will the mainlanders still want to go to Taipei? Well, who can say no to stinky tofu?

In the meantime, I need to look for a funny film among my DVDs and I have a feeling there’s none.

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