R is for Roy, and for racing too

(Roy Qiu…why you so hot part 24)

Yeah, just another Roy Qiu why you so hot post as there is no new Office Girls episode to spazz over.

Now that Office Girls is done filming, Qiu Ze must be gracing the race tracks instead. Back when OG was still filming, he had already marked three months afterwards to rest and go racing. Who knew his plan would be delayed for another three months because OG was extended?

Roy is the only Taiwanese actor aside from Jimmy Lin to have a license for formula racing. But to be on the safe side, he was banned from racing the entire duration of filming for OG… because no one would want to see Qin Zi Qi in a wheelchair or crutches or worse.

So it’s back to the race tracks for Qiu Ze–recent reports said he figured in two car accidents already, not related to racing.

He had this to say about formula racing from a previous interview:

“Formula racing has physical requirements and age limits. It’s impossible to make up for it. Everyone, please forgive me for my willfulness. I know that racing is very dangerous, but I really want to do this!”

In an interview with Marie Claire Men in October, he said:

“A formula race car is a fighter jet on the ground. To get on the race track, one must sign a life-and-death certificate, so your will to survive must be extremely intense. Because of this I will become extremely calm, because you cannot neglect anything. And after you get on the race track, it’s like entering another world. Everything is very unreal, and you cannot mechanically apply the logic of daily life here.”

Roy also feels that his regular job is a car racer and his hobby is an actor.

“Every second in the life of every car racer is preparation for a competition…”

(Translations by: FY! Roy Chiu)

New helmet paint, the helmet is just like the face of the driver…do you see me

Of course, when you love racing, you must love cars.

“Once when I was looking at my beloved car, I got closer and closer, and then I was facing the engine lid and couldn’t help but kiss it. I got a mouthful of car wax.”

Qiu Ze, be careful on the tracks!!!

Oh, and he has this to say about having a girlfriend:

“I’m not very proactive regarding relationships, but I hope that I will be fair and considerate to her, and will be able to put myself in her shoes to consider her needs. The system of values between two people is also important. Also, she must understand the beauty of racing.”

The. Beauty. Of. Racing.

Got that girls?

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