drama: Office Girls’ ‘Paul’

Can someone give this guy a lead role already?

from 許騰方〔 Paul ]官方粉絲團 on FB

I’m talking about 許騰方 or Paul Hsu, who plays “Paul”, the best friend of Qin Zi Qi in Office Girls.

From 許騰方〔 Paul ]官方粉絲團 on FB

I was curious on who the actor is but there is limited information on him unless of course you read and write Mandarin. Then they uploaded a video of his in the Office Girls page on Facebook.

I took the chance to ask if someone can give me his name and another fan very kindly provided the link to his FB fan page that took me here. With the help of Mr GTranslate, and by surfing through the photos, I gathered he’s a model, employed with the M+ agency, attended Yuan Ze University in northern Taiwan and has been in several TVCs in Taiwan, including this one for a tea brand:

OK, I’m starting to sound like a stan. But a fan and a journalist should always be curious. And thanks to the information available online, I found out these things (which makes me wonder what the world will be with SOPA).

Paul still looks like a rough diamond (he also reminds me of George Hu) but given time and the right amount of management and makeover (hopefully, not plastic surgery as he looks good already, he just needs to lose a few pounds), he will start looking like a full-fledged celebrity. The dude does look like he loves to eat. He has a lot of photos showing him in various places during meals.

from 許騰方〔 Paul ]官方粉絲團 on FB

There are other photos also that may hint of a girlfriend. Well, he should enjoy the freedom for now because once he rises in the entertainment business, all these things will take the backseat to give way to a carefully cultivated and company-controllled -managed image.

He’s been doing good as Paul in Office Girls, though he hasn’t been given much except advise Qin Zi Qi on his family and love problems. But to be part of a very successful drama is a good start already. Hopefully, he’ll be in more projects and yes, a lead role eventually. Jiayou!

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    • yes I have watched some episodes of Miss Rose but dramacrazy took all the videos down. thanks to TdramaMama, I learned it’s on Drama Fever!


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