dear Hannah, so you wanna be a journalist?

Dear Hannah,

So you want to be a journalist.

I wonder why that is?

So that you can interview Jay Chou, your rumored boyfriend, and get him to admit about your relationship? You get the scoop, and the others don’t, is that it?

Or is it that Jay planted the idea in your young little brain as his ultimate revenge against those “yellow journalists” who do nothing but chase him wherever he goes, trying to get a photo of him with his latest squeeze. From the front, not from the back, hao mah?

Who knows you wanted to pursue this field after what you’ve witnessed these past few months since you hooked up with Jay as his, erm, “friend”. Suddenly, from being just one of the many starlets and wannabes in this Taiwanese variety show, you were pushed into the limelight as the latest J-girl. Suddenly, people know you by name and want to get to know more of you. Was it this interest in your life, tailing you everywhere you go, that made you become interested in the work of a journalist? I just hope you don’t confuse journalists from paparazzis. There is a world of difference between them. I trust that you will find that out yourself if and when you get admitted to your dream course.

And Hannah, if you are still “together” with Jie-lun by the time you get to finish your course–if and when that happens–can you please educate him on the merits of journalism? And that it is not the same as being a paparazzi?

I think it’s noble of you to choose this course considering how your rumored boyfriend hates the media with a passion. Or is this going to be your preparation for the future, when you have faded into the horizon as an ex-J-girl, and you exact your revenge by chasing after Jay and his latest paramour? If that is the case, then wow, you have foresight.

Because as it seems, based on this report, you have fallen in your stature as the favored J-girl after you let on about the “relationship” not a few times. This could be your baptism of fire when it comes to the media’s skills to stretch a single nod or a monosyllabic answer into a headline and an entire story. Of course you will learn that in journalism school, if you are really serious about being a journalist.

Maybe you can start your education right now. One essential part of journalism is research. This will help you build your story. It’s not all about quotes. It’s about background too. Knowing history can save you. And if you’re smart–journalists are smart, if I may say so–you would know by now that I am talking about Jay’s history. Have you looked up the previous J-girls and their stories? Here’s a list I made. Have you read back on previous articles about Jolin Tsai, Patty Hou, Hebe and Jessie Jiang? Did you know they got a song from Jay to cement their stature as a J-girl? Did you get your song already? If you have done your research, good girl, but that is not enough. You have to learn your research and live it, if you want to stay on as a J-girl.

That means, you cannot ever fall into the media’s trap of getting the story they want. You have to exercise caution. Please don’t use your age and inexperience as excuse. The media will just take all that in–including your excuses–and write about you anyway. Don’t wait until you get into journalism school to learn all these. That is, if you want to survive as a J-girl.

Oh, one more thing–a journalist has to be curious. That’s how we get our stories. Curiosity. Nose for news. Which makes me wonder, have you ever been curious on what the public, specifically Jay Chou’s fans, think of you? If you don’t know yet, then watch this video:

As a journalist, you are supposed to be objective and refrain from offering your opinion. So I will try my best to keep this opinion to myself: I prefer Jolin Tsai for Jay; not only because of the age consideration, but because of her stature. Jay needs someone who is of the same stature as him, not someone he can pander to and order around, just like you know… you. He needs an equal. Oh, oops, did I just offer an opinion? Dear Hannah, you must never, ever commit that as a journalist! Never. Remember that.

But I think you will have learned your lessons by now and keep your thoughts and opinion to yourself, especially where it concerns Jay, right? So it shouldn’t be difficult for you in the future.

Jiayou! I look forward to seeing Journalist Hannah one day, and I mean not in a B-movie.

Journalist Y.

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6 thoughts on “dear Hannah, so you wanna be a journalist?

  1. Jay sure likes ’em young. Does this Quinlivan girl even know chinese? I’ve been seeing a lot of foreign looking celebs in the TW ent. circle lately e.g. Jolin’s squeeze, angelbaby, rhydian vaughn


      • I don’t mind seeing more of them as long as they don’t thrive on scandals or something. I didn’t know hebe was a j girl. And completely agree on Jolin and Jay being endgame too bad this ain’t a drama.


  2. I’m so damn in love reading your article. Truthfully honest!!! I hate reading news from Taiwan media. They love to manipulate the situation. When the artist said this and that, they will write it differently. Just like 2 days ago, they asked Jay about Hannah examination, and Jay answered “Study is good thing” with displeasure expression but they translate it as Jay cheers for Hannah to do well in her exam. Boo…..

    But I am so damn agree with your third last paragraph, Jay should be someone who have same stature like him & Jolin is the best choice!!! I can imagine them as “Asian version of Jay-Z and Beyonce” if they are together. So compatible!!!


    • I come from the media industry too so I can understand how the business works. I just think there has to be a balance between entertainment journalism and scandals. obviously, I don’t find any value in pure scandals with the main objective to ruin someone’s life. but as a journalist, I would think that the personal life of actors, singers etc deserve some attention especially when it comes to being role models. the public looks up to them so there has to be a degree of caution on their part too, otherwise, they can all just be Edison Chen and stop pretending otherwise. also, products get them as endorsers because they put premium into their influence. that influence comes with a price. you can’t just say one thing then do another. better just shut up than be found out later you were lying. that’s what I mean by caution and responsibility. but then, some stars do anything and say everything just to get attention and it’s easy to tell who they are.

      oh my, sorry for getting carried away on this thread. I just feel sometimes people are too harsh on the media, which of course has a point especially when you read Apple Daily & Next Magazine. but it also has become a convenient excuse for stars to blame the media when they get into trouble. I should blog separately about this hahahaha!


    • and yes, I do agree that Double J can give Jay-Z and Beyonce a run for their money!
      they have a history between them. of course there was a lot of pain too, especially on Jolin’s part. but I’d like to think everything’s been forgiven, not exactly forgotten. besides, both of them have become so successful. and isn’t it quite a coincidence that she’s dating someone who’s also half too like Hannah hahaha and the relationship is not exactly rosy thanks to Vivian’s constant canoodling with various women.
      at the end of the day, I hope that it’s Double J hahahaha!


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