Roy Qiu, will you marry me???

(Roy Qiu…why you so hot part 22)

Dang, a four year-old girl has beaten me to proposing to Qiu Ze.

At the fan event of Office Girls where the cast turned over the Rilakkuma bears baton to the drama Love Forward that will replace them on the Sunday idol time slot, this little girl asked Roy if she could marry him. He replied:

“Wait until you grow older!”


Ah Ze, I’m old enough to marry you, please choose me.

I need to catch up with Office Girls but I want to wait until all the melodrama is resolved then I can watch back. But who knows, I might not be able to say no to my curiosity.

I wonder if Qin Zi Qi gets to ask Shen Xing Ren: “Xing Ren, will you marry me?”

And Xing Ren will answer: “Wait till I’m richer!”

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