drama: bell ringing for 2nd male lead bias?

(I wasn’t born mute. I speak my mind.)

Since I refuse to watch episode 21 of Office Girls and cause myself unnecessary stress, I need something to divert me. In short, I need a punching bag.

And so… what’s more perfect than a drama that I am not invested in and I wouldn’t care what happens? So… hello again Dumb Dumb Ring Ring Bell.

It’s easier to watch a drama whose stupidity won’t bother me, and in fact, would be fodder for my amusement. If the characters want to kill each other onscreen, I won’t even blink. And a few minutes into RRB, I realized why I never revisited this drama after watching four episodes.

But there I was, willing to suffer through stupidity than break my heart with Office Girls. So I skimmed through the last few episodes.

@marylngoh mentioned that many viewers of RRB have been complaining that Sharon Mao, the writer, has been showing her bias for the second male lead.

When I watched Devil Beside You and Why Why Love, I complained that Sharon had a bias for the second male lead (Kingone Wang). It was the same for Meteor Garden. I didn’t watch Starlit so I couldn’t say.

Of course that’s her prerogative as a writer to veer the story wherever the voices in her head tell her to. Or not. Maybe the producers are the ones telling her to do this or that. Or the director took liberty with her story. Who knows. The drama we see onscreen has gone through a long process with many people dipping their hands on it.

But watching RRB reminds me of WWL and why I wasn’t too keen on it (the BTS was far more interesting, Sharon, than your story). Aside from the second male lead bias, the characters (except for second male lead that is, but of course) were all childish. And the sub-plots were, to put it kindly, far removed from this life.

As I watched RRB, I couldn’t help wondering how Peter Ho and Janine Chang felt about acting out their characters. For sure, it’s not gonna be one of their best works. And it’s a pity because all that talent was wasted.

Good thing there’s a nice song to listen to. If RRB has a saving grace, it has to be its soundtrack. And 為自己加油 by 布朗MrBrown is easy on the ear, even if the drama itself was not kind to the eye. Well, no drama can have it all.

Jiayou Sharon Mao, I hope you come up with a better story and less bias on the second male lead next time, hao bu hao?

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