dammit, Roy Qiu, why you so pretty?!

(Roy Qiu…why you so hot part 20)

Dammit, Roy Qiu/邱澤, why you so hot pretty?!

That opening line by the way got me into a nasty fight with a Roy Qiu fan on Sina Weibo over a separate post (not in relation to these photos).

The fan perhaps used Mr. Google Translate, which may have informed her that I was cursing Qiu Ze with the use of “dammit”. Or perhaps she did not use Mr. GT at all and just read the dammit and thought… “dammit, this stan is cursing my beloved 邱澤!” So she proceeded to call me a fool and told me to shut up. That was just a few days after this year started and one of my 2012 resolutions is not to speak evil, but then I wasn’t able to avoid reading the evil so I turned defensive naturally and replied to her. She proceeded to verbally abuse me. It wasn’t pretty and I regret it. I also became trigger-happy clicking on the button to report her to the Chinese censors; Sina Weibo is not the same as Twitter that when you report a person for spam, that person will automatically be blocked from your account and won’t see your updates anymore nor be able to tag you in their tweets.

Anyway, as they say…

Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. 你永远不能战胜一个纯傻冒,因为他会把你的智商拉到跟他一个水平,然后用丰富的经验打败你…

This much I’m gonna say though: 1) Mr. GT is not reliable. 2) “Dammit” is a vulgarity all right but it is not negative all the time. 3) I hope people will understand the context of a sentence before reacting and refrain from reacting if they are stupid don’t understand English have very limited English comprehension. In the same way that given my non-existent Mandarin language skills, and that Mr GT is not reliable, I refrain from reacting until I ask my friends for the correct translation. From that incident, I learned my lesson and locked the commenting feature on my Weibo.

That said, I still like 邱澤 very much, dammit.

These photos are taken from Roy’s endorsement event with the Japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido on January 5. This ain’t the first cosmetics brand he’s endorsing. There was Clinique and Miss Sofi too. I can see more of this kind coming. Ain’t the boy hot pretty?

His eyes kinda look tired here. But dammit 邱澤, you still so hot!

If I buy a gazillion of Shiseido products, will you come free with it, 邱澤?

Dammit 邱澤, why you so pretty?!

More photos here.

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