Well, Hello Jay Chou: man + cat = rock n’ roll cuteness

What’s with Hello Kitty and Taiwanese male stars? First, it was Qiu Ze. And now, there’s Jay Chou (though his concert happened before Roy’s Miss Sofi event).

The famous feline sang and danced with Taiwan’s king of pop at the final leg of his The Era World Tour in Kaohsiung over the weekend.

Well, will you look at that… Chou Jie-lun swinging his hips like K-pop and J-pop stars and even bumping bottoms with the cat with no mouth as they performed 公主病 (Princess Syndrome).

I like the look of Hello Kitty here, it’s vintage Sanrio.

Dang, aside from Nicholas Tse, the folks at Kaohsiung’s concert also got Hello Kitty. How twice lucky can you get in one night?

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