music: Nic Tse sings Jay Chou’s ‘Silence’

I know that Nicholas Tse, like any other Hong Kong star, both sings and acts. I just never heard him sing, until this clip from the finale of Jay Chou’s The Era concert tour at Kaohsiung over the weekend.

Wahsay–or in Jayspeak: Wakao! The dude can sing! What were you thinking, Cecilia Cheung?!

Here’s translated news of the event.

I read many Nic fans said he should go back to his singing. He certainly should, he looks and sounds like he was in his element at Jay’s concert.

Here, he plays the guitar and sings Wakao! with Jay.

During the concert, he said it’s been 5-6 years since he broke his finger playing the guitar. He does exude that rocker ‘tude in the leather jacket and I do remember vaguely seeing old photos of him with that same look during his Faye Wong phase. Though come to think of it, he still dresses that way till now.

Lucky fans who were in Kaohsiung. In Taipei and Shanghai, they got Jolin Tsai. In Hong Kong, they got Jacky Cheung… I think. Now in Kaohsiung, they got Nic. In Kuala Lumpur, where I watched with friends, who did we get? The Drifters, hahaha!

Of course this is all part of the promo for Jay and Nic’s coming film, The Viral Factor.

The Viral Factor opens during the Lunar New Year.

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6 thoughts on “music: Nic Tse sings Jay Chou’s ‘Silence’

  1. Oh, you went to Jay’s concert in Kuala Lumpur? I also went there. In fact, I’m Malaysian. And yeah, not only the Drifters, we also got Gary Yang, Lara and Cindy in Malaysia. Hahaha…….. Those in the places you stated above were so lucky to be able to watch such super popular artist to be Jay’s concert guests. Now, I just wait for both Jay and Nic to come to Malaysia next January to promote The Viral Factor.


    • hello Noreen! yes, I was in KL for the con as I wasn’t able to go to the SG one.
      now I remember Gary Yang, I like his and Jay’s Fly For Love. it’s my fave song from The Era album.
      and lucky you they’re going to Malaysia for The Viral Factor promo!!!


      • The Viral Factor team definitely should come to Malaysia to promote the movie since it’s like 80% of the movie scenes were done in Malaysia, right? I even went to one of the filming location because it located at my office. Still remember seeing Jay right in front of my eyes with his new hairstyle and tough body! Really Man…….Haha…..


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