Christmas wish list

Christmas is in the air even in this country that used to play Frosty the Snowman in the middle of summer, so I can’t do my regular blog programming.

And while everyone back home is swallowed by the shopping frenzy, I am blissfully listing my Christmas wish list. Coz it’s free to wish anyway.

1. Shanghai Tang x Moleskine collaboration

This comes in two types.

The plain diary:

Or the feng shui diary.

2. Apple earphones

They’re the most fragile of the Apple products I have to change them 2x a year; perhaps if I were still a heavy iPod user, every other month. Because you never know when they’re gonna fall apart, t’s good to have a supply.

3. Steve Jobs biography

Yeah, yeah… I haven’t read it.

4. You Are The Apple Of My Eye DVD

It will be out in June though.

5. Original Scent of Summer DVD

Coz vintage Qiu Ze is still hot. (The Taipei shops no longer sell it, unfortunately.)

If Qiu Ze is coming up with a photobook, even if he’d be wrapped in his racer suit and helmet, then that too, please. Throw in the real person as well, ke yi mah?

Anyway, when it comes to gift-giving, it’s the thought that counts as they say. For me, even if it’s just a small token that does not cost an arm and a leg, as long as it’s functional then I’m happy. Functional gifts, are in fact, the best! One of the best gifts I got was from a former editor who gave me this handy alarm clock (after I missed my flight a few days before Christmas) that I still have with me until now.

The gifts I dread receiving? Scented candles, mugs, picture frames. And because I collect teddy bears, friends love to give me those too. But a word of caution: for me, having another bear to add to the collection is like adopting a baby, it’s not just a matter of picking them off a shelf. Besides, I have too many of them already!

Let the countdown to Christmas begin!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas wish list

  1. Oh, I really hope you’ll receive all that you’ve wished for in your Christmas wish list! But most especially, I wish you all the love and happiness this Christmas! May you have a wonderful and happy Christmas together with your family, friends and loved ones (significant other?)! 🙂 I am truly thankful and glad that I chanced upon your site this year. Love reading all your posts, even if it’s not Ariel related. I may be an Ariel fan but I enjoy reading your articles. And here’s to more interesting articles in the year 2012!!! God bless you & your family!!!

    P.S. Good thing it’s the holidays, cause I seriously needed to detox from my ITWY drama addiction! LOL!!!! Thank God for Christmas! A time to celebrate and be thankful for all our blessings!!! :))))


    • Merry Christmas to you too girl! Thanks for always dropping by 🙂
      I wish you the best in the coming year and I hope you get detoxed from ITWY hahaha!
      Have a good holidays with your family, especially your little baby!!! and I hope you will soon blog 🙂


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