TV: Taiwan’s Sunday idol drama battle 12/11… and the winner is…

I’m actually surprised, but not that surprised at the results.

In Time With You’s finale vs Office Girls’ episode 17. Who won?

★週日22:00-24:10 (2011.12.11)
1     我可能不會愛你 (民視)     5.51
2     小資女孩向前衝 (台視)     4.66
3     真心請按兩次鈴 (華視)     0.55
3     門當父不對 (中視)     0.55

And the winner is: In Time With You.

Just for comparison, the December 4 ratings were:

★週日22:00-24:10 (2011.12.04)
1     小資女孩向前衝 (台視)     5.37
2     我可能不會愛你 (民視)     3.65
3     真心請按兩次鈴 (華視)     0.74
4     門當父不對 (中視)     0.56

Credit: China Times

Not only did ITWY shaved off percentage points from OG’s previous rating, it also outdid it. So it seems everyone in Taiwan was highly anticipating the ending on how Cheng You Qing and Da Ren Ge’s story would end.

I’m happy for ITWY. I hope it sets a new standard for Sunday idol dramas, although at the same time, I don’t mind the variety. We can’t have ITWY-type of dramas all the time. We also need the light breezy OG-type.

The plot point for ITWY was quite straightforward in Sunday’s episode: will You Qing go on and marry that tattooed-cad or will she finally give her best friend a chance? I thought that having only one episode to resolve this angle won’t leave much room for happy moments between the best friends, but as angeleyes said, it was a satisfying ending with enough LDR-CYQ moments.

On the other hand, with TTV’s recent decision to extend OG, the story had to be stretched too although it doesn’t feel that way to me because I am enjoying this drama. As long as that office witch aka Zheng Kai Er keels over or something… except of course that won’t be happening too soon and she has tricks up her filthy  sleeves again. But episode 17 was full of Qin Zi Qi and Shen Xing Ren moments. I love how the romance between them is happening gradually. I am amused at a friend’s complaint that the OG romance is increasingly looking like “kindergarten” to her but I find it refreshing compared to the blatant skinship that’s been happening in other dramas. And I find it actually sweet.

Will OG go back to the top on Sunday nights? We’ll know next Sunday.

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4 thoughts on “TV: Taiwan’s Sunday idol drama battle 12/11… and the winner is…

  1. I usually read about the ratings of ITWY from it’s facebook page and honestly, I was a bit surprised it surpassed 5. I expected it will surpass 4 but not 5. Actually, what I find really interesting is that, episodes 10, 11, 12 stayed in the 3.5 average. (ep.10 – 3.62, ep. 11 – 3.54, ep.12 – 3.65) This 3 episodes are the most heartbreaking episodes, full of angst and Li Da ren drowning himself with beer. Lol! But these 3 episodes rated the highest aside from the final episode. So audiences in Taiwan love to see the angst in dramas, and in the case of ITWY, the moping Li Da ren? Even the writer was surprised these episodes rated well, she expected it will go down since YQ & DR was seldom together in those episodes.
    Ehhh, I told you, those kisses in the finale, just about did it for me! hehehe!!! And the viewers waited for 12 long episodes to get that one full hour of DR & YQ moments. It’s almost like the 15 long years Da ren waited to confess! Lol! Seriously, I think the build up for the final episode was well done, that’s why there was so much anticipation for the finale. It’s good that ITWY delivered the much awaited OTP moments! And we thought DLW had way too much kissing scenes with YQ. Well, it turned out those kisses were lame compared to Da ren. hahaha!!! :)))


    • then does that mean that Taiwanese are masochists? hahaha maybe a lot of them can relate to the plot. and who knows, there will be a spike in bffs confessing all of a sudden after ITWY.
      but yeah, have to say, the finale made all the pain worth it… although I don’t know the pain first-hand coz I don’t plan of watching the previous two episodes hahaha


      • hahaha! So I’m a masochist too! :))) But seriously, if there’s one episode I wouldn’t watch again in this drama, it’s only episode 11. Episode 12 was good, a little less painful & so touching. It’s all about You Qing finally realizing that the one she loves is Da ren. I think episode 12 was beautifully done & it helped increased the anticipation for the finale.

        Just a thought….I think Bo-lin is fortunate, or should I say lucky, that he landed the role of Li Da ren. Prior to ITWY, I must admit, I’m not familiar with Bo-lin Chen. And I’ve read a lot of comments saying that they’re also not familiar or didn’t know him at all. He’s perfect as Li Da Ren. And I’ve read a lot of articles saying how popular he is right now in Taiwan. Do you think, via in ITWY, Bo-lin can be popular across Asia as well? Like what ISWAK did for Ariel & Joe’s career?


      • haha no idea on whether he can cross over. but I think most Taiwanese artists’ focus is on China, the rest of the region is just an afterthought. but I’m sure fans would love him in ITWY.
        I’ve watched Bo-lin in his first movie, Blue Gate Crossing, with Gui Lun-mei and I’ve always been fascinated by this kid. I probably watch out for his movies more than any other Taiwan actor. but he really shone in ITWY!


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