drama: a happy ending… In Time With You

(Dateline Taipei part 10)

The first thing that Ariel Lin answered in our interview as soon as we sat down in her management office last week was about In Time With You. She said she took the role because she liked the script, although she didn’t expect the feedback to be this good.

ITWY has set a new standard for “idol” dramas for its deep and sensitive plot that employs an artsy-kind of narration, direction and video editing that may not appeal to everyone.

“We’re to the last two episodes,” she said. I have stopped watching ITWY since the Ding Li Wei ‘disaster’ so I was surprised and it must have shown on my face (especially since the drama’s rival Office Girls is not about to end yet) that she said, “we’re only 13 episodes.”

“So… who will You Qing end up with?”

She smiled, “it’s a happy ending, don’t worry.”

Scenes from the last episode still look like an extension of the crying fest but I’ll take her word for it.

I like the fusion in this scene: past You Qing, present Da Ren:

How will they resolve the past when he said he can never love someone like her? Something that has scarred You Qing for life to this day?

Can he wish her happiness and still be friends with her?

Ahh, the finale should resolve this question: can a man and woman be friends, much more best friends, without strings attached? More importantly, can a man and woman–with unrealized love between them–be friends?

Towards the end of the interview, I could not help complaining that one episode to resolve the choice of You Qing won’t be enough, and still leave some time to have happy moments with Da Ren. Where’s the fan service here?

Ariel and her manager were laughing over my complaints.

“If you were You Qing in real life, who would you choose between a real-life Li Da Ren and Ding Li Wei?”

“Maybe… Na Tie,” Ariel replied cheekily.

“Do you know Na Tie?” her manager interjected. “He’s also in my company but he went back to Canada to finish his studies. He comes here to work during vacation.”

“Oh I like Nic’s character,” I said, “too bad he turned out to be gay.”

“I was just joking,” Ariel said, “he’s many years younger than me.”

“So who will it be then? Da Ren Ge or Ling Di Wei? Forget the tattoos, pretend there are no tattoos.”

She laughed thinking about it though I suspect she did not have to think that much. “I think I’ll go for Da Ren Ge, he’s more dependable.”

So yeah, it’s going to end tonight.

I just wonder if the drama will have a similar ending as Lovesick, Ariel’s movie with Chen Bo-lin.

The ending is beautiful but the choice of song is kind of strange. I wouldn’t say it’s out-of-place or a wrong choice though. Just peculiar.

Lovesick opens December 16 in Taipei.

In the meantime, it’s going to be a ratings battle tonight. I wonder how Office Girls will try to up the competition with its episode.

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6 thoughts on “drama: a happy ending… In Time With You

  1. Oh! it’s a happy ending indeed! Da ren Ge and You Qing Jie are finally together, after 15 long years of trying hard not to love each other!!!! And for the viewers, it’s 12 episodes long! :))))

    I must say, episode 13 was truly worth the wait. I know I’m biased since I’m in love with this drama. But the final episode was one of the BEST ENDING I’ve ever seen in dramas. A complete turn around from the heart wrenching scenes in the last 5 episodes. The dramatic & sad parts was only around 15 minutes in the beginning of the episode, to resolve the issue on whether or not YQ will still marry Li Wei. Obviously, she didn’t, or else I would have smashed my computer. Anyways, most parts of the episode were overloaded with OTP moments which are way too cute and oh so sweet! As others said, too many kisses in just one episode. hahaha!!!! They really made up for lost time. After getting together, they’re like kissing every time they see each other! OMG!!! Hey, no complaints here. I can have another episode with only this adorable couple. Just freaking cute! Ariel & Bo-lin’s chemistry is so intense and simply amazing.

    At first I thought the ending would turn out to be rushed & squeezed in too much in one episode. But I love that the director gave the audience a glimpse of Da ren & You Qing’s life as a couple. I find it so cute that You Qing consults best friend Da ren when she has issues with husband Da ren. Talk about having a friend & husband in one. And their honeymoon was kinda awkward but still sweet. It was so funny when Da ren said to YQ: “Don’t know what to do, I’m nervous, I’ve never gone to bed with a friend before.” Lol! Conversations between these two are so adorable. I love that ending had a lighthearted feel, instead of a dramatic ending.

    Well, I guess it’s the same ending for Li Da ren & You Qing, as well as Lu Zhe Han & Rou Qing. Ehh, their names in the drama & movie even sound the same, so funny! 🙂


    • I watched it already!
      wah, my eyes are kinda swollen over the first 10 mins and then her parents also made me cry. as well as his mom and Uncle Bai. I love the interplay of all the relationships surrounding them.
      since I didn’t watch the previous two (or three?) episodes, I totally missed out on DLW totally playing the cad role. so he was two-timing her, that a$$. and sorry, the way I look at the actor playing it is the same too. and those tattoos are just plain ugly.
      I love love love the shift from best friends to lovers without totally turning its back on the friendship. it’s so nice to see a plot tackling the best-friends-to-lovers story with sensitivity and sense, without being cheeky.
      definitely one of the best coming out of Taiwan this year!


  2. hahaha! yeah, that first 10 mins made me cry too. But I guess the sad parts in this episode is nothing compared to episodes 10-12. Lol! Love the interplay of all the relationships surrounding YQ & DR too, as you very well said it. I think every character is significant to the development of YQ & DR’s relationship. Funny, but Da ren’s mom & Uncle Bai’s relationship is like the older version of YQ & DR. While Ping An & Lin Kai’s relationship is the younger version. Lin Kai is Da ren’s co-worker in Singapore and Ping An is his best friend. In ep. 12, Da ren helped Ping An by making LIn Kai jealous, making him believe that he likes Ping An. Since Da ren knows Ping An loves her best friend Lin Kai. He told Ping An to never make the same mistake as he did. He regrets not acting much earlier towards his feelings for YQ. That’s why I was also rooting for Ping An & Lin Kai, unfortunately after Ping An bravely confessed to her best friend, looks like it wouldn’t be a happy ending for them.

    I feel that ITWY is more like a story of friendship than lovers. Of course turning into lovers is the exciting part but based from every episode, it emphasized more on YQ & DR’s enduring friendship. They already have love & their friendship is even better than married couples. It’s just a matter of taking the next step. Which DR & YQ obviously tried to avoid because they are so afraid to loose their friendship. Da ren, since high school, was already in love with YQ, but tried so hard not to love her. While YQ was stuck in the belief that it’s impossible for Da ren to love her because of that one line Da ren said in high school. Frankly, ITWY is the most complex drama about friendship that I’ve seen. Each person can have his own take on this drama. Ariel really took a risk on playing You Qing because it’s so easy to hate a character like YQ. It’s a character that one can hate & love at the same time, depending on one’s view on love & friendship. This drama is really hard to analyze at times.

    Actually, I don’t care much about Ding Li Wei’s character. I think he wants to marry You Qing as his trophy wife and he will forever be a two-timing jerk. Actually the writer, Mags Hsu revealed that Ding Li Wei’s character is based from a real experience. Just don’t know if it’s from her own experience. Because DLW’s character is really spot on. It’s a good thing that YQ realized she truly loved Da ren even before she caught him cheating with his secretary. hehehe!!! I won’t mention the actor’s name here because I wouldn’t want to upset you. Lol! 🙂


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