movie: Perfect Two, coming soon

(Dateline Taipei part 9)

Taiwan’s film industry is really vibrant this year and it’s really a good thing. A film that’s soon to be released is Vic Chou’s Perfect Two (Match Made in Heaven) with S.H.E. Ella and Xiao Xiao Bin, directed by Kevin Chu.

I saw the trailer during one of those times I watched a movie and was charmed by it. That’s considering that Zai Zai is the least of my favorite in F4. But I started to look at him in a new light after seeing him in person att he Golden Horse Awards ceremony at Hsinchu, where he presented with Ella. The dude is looking so good that of all the four guys in the group that started the Taiwanese idol revolution in this generation, he’s the one who seems to age gracefully.

Of the four, he’s always been the most sensitive actor so it’s no surprise his latest movie pulls at the heartstrings from the teaser alone.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that Xiao Xiao Bin stars alongside him. Kevin Chu is a genius for bringing these two together.

Zai Zai is the only one in F4 that I haven’t interviewed yet. Then my F4 story project would be complete.

In the meantime, it does look like the renaissance of Zai Zai.


The red carpet is not as glamorous as it looks.

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4 thoughts on “movie: Perfect Two, coming soon

  1. Zai zai!!! For me, he’ll forever be Hua Ze Lei, my first love! hehehe! And you’re right, he’s aging gracefully. Not that he’s old, he’s just 30 years old and I think he’s the youngest F4 member.
    So it’s only Vic that you haven’t interviewed. Hopefully, your F4 story project will soon be complete. He always struck me as the soft-spoken & shy among the four. And I don’t think he speaks English, based from that CNN interview. It would be interesting to interview him though, his love life is so colorful. 🙂
    Love the trailer, Xiao Xiao Bin & Zai Zai looks so adorable together. Still prefer the clean cut, boyish look for Zai Zai, like in the Golden Horse awards. He’s just looking good & so hot nowadays. I may be loving Bo-lin these days but Zai Zai will always be my first love. Lol! 🙂


    • ah so… I’m not surprised that you go for the Li Da Ren type since historically, you went for Hua Ze Lei.
      though saying that, I defy my own history by going for Li Da Ren too though I was for the bad guy in MG aka Dao Ming Si!
      yeah, I need to learn Mandarin before I dare interview ZZ. though when I interviewed Jerry last year, I had a translator for me too but he also tried to speak a smattering of English.
      my interviews with Ken and Van Ness were interesting, but most especially with Ken. he has some quotes and views on F4 that I don’t know if good or bad lols. I’ll blog about it soon 🙂


      • Ehh… In the beginning of MG, I didn’t really like Dao Ming Si. Maybe I felt more like Shan Cai early on, going for the good guy. hahaha. But towards the middle, I learned to love Dao Ming Si’s character. He’s explosive ways of loving Shan Cai. He may be the bad guy but he’s nothing like Ding Li Wei. Actually, it’s easier to understand why a lot of people will root for Dao Ming Si. And quite frankly, characters like Hua Ze Lei & Li Da ren can be boring at times. Lol! In MG, it can really be a toss up between Lei & DMS. While in ITWY, I would definitely go for Da ren, never the two-timing jerk like Li Wei. In real life, I’ve been around guys like the Ding Li Wei’s of the world and I’ve learned to stay away from such kind. In the end, whether in life or in drama, I’ll still go for the dependable types like Da ren, Hua Ze Lei and even Dao Ming Si. 🙂
        I wonder, are these F4 guys still good friends? I’ve read articles with one having an issue with the other, I’m not sure. And why is Jerry Yan looking unhealthy nowadays? I like him too, it’s just that I’ll always love Zai Zai. hehehe! But F4 & Meteor Garden is epic for me. Even if others have gotten all gaga for Boys over Flowers, it’s still MG for me. If not for MG, I wouldn’t have even known Ariel and other Taiwan actors. Oh, and Rainie Yang was so adorable in MG.


      • oh… my interview with Ken might give us an idea on how F4 is really like as a group. and he made some quotes that were kind of made me go like… what?! I have yet to transcribe the interview but I will soon and blog about it. I don’t know when I’ll write the article coz I have lots of topics waiting in the queue 🙂


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