movie: Black & White without Zai Zai is just grey

I don’t know about other people but a movie version of Black & White without Zai Zai is just grey. Lifeless. Boring.

Zai Zai’s Pi Zi was the perfect foil to Mark Chao’s Ying Xiong. Without Pi Zi, Ying Xiong looks flat.

Not even mainland actor Huang Bo can turn the grey to full color I swear. But according to the producers, it’s OK that Zai Zai is not in the first part since this is a prequel though they expect him to be in the second part. What?!

There were rumors on why Zai Zai had pulled out of the project following the controversial win of Mark as best actor at the Golden Bell in 2009. Reports said that even the “brotherly” ties between Zai Zai and Mark were ruined over that incident.

What I can’t understand is… how can this be a prequel and there’s Ivy Chen in the movie already? Of course I have no idea on how they are going to work out the script but it does not make sense to me especially since the main sub-plot of the drama was the paternity of Chen Lin and Pi Zi.

This movie also feels like it’s been in the making for an eternity.

Nevermind if there’s Angelababy thrown into the movie cast as well.

As someone who watched the drama, I want the original cast. Black & White set a new standard for action dramas in Taiwan and while I expect the movie to be a bigger production, it just gives off a Hollywood feel.

This is disappointing because I would want to see the grit of a Monga on a higher scale. Once you bring in the Hollywood people, they’re going to bring in their culture so what will make this film different from Western productions?

Just look at this poster:

Hong Kong movies still retain that local flavor, particularly in their action films. Think Johnnie To for instance. I’m not saying put martial arts in there to make it look and feel Asian. But with the success of “localized” films in Taiwan right now, with domestic audiences preferring to go for films they can relate to, tell me if the US$12 million production cost for Black & White will really entice them to watch this.

Maybe I should not underestimate Mark Chao. But without Zai Zai, it ain’t the same.

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2 thoughts on “movie: Black & White without Zai Zai is just grey

  1. Yeah, it gives a hollywood feeling and to Taiwanese it’s not easy to do such a big production mah. But surprisingly they came up with two this year. Seediq was one and this is the other.

    But again, most Asian big films are just kungfu or like wars. This is a breakthrough for Asia.

    Actually, I think if zaizai is replaced by someone else young and handsome, it’ll be a different story! HAHA . OOPS! Just imagine all the potentials like Chunnie? Welll…


    • Seediq Bale may be Hollywood in proportion but it has a local story to tell.
      B&W meanwhile, what will make it different from Hollywood movies mah? I mean, Infernal Affairs had that Hollywood feel too but it’s story was very Asian.
      oh I wonder if and when they replace ZZ, then who would it be? I hope not some lame Korean star, ok? lols


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