announcement: the asian pop culturist

So now it has come to this once more… another change. Change, after all, is a constant in life. And I have been thinking of this for quite some time. Then coincidentally, the final project came for our  mobile journalism course: rebranding.

I started out this blog to write about my real interest, separate from what I do at work. It is my stressreliever from all the bad news that I read and edit everyday. I was ambitious at first, wanting to cover a lot of areas in this region, but truth of the matter is, I have always been interested in Asia’s pop culture.

So when posed the question what kind of “brand” you’d like to have online, I immediately thought, someone who’s into pop culture. I don’t claim to be an expert on it because I do tend to be selective in my interests and no one can force me to write and watch something that does not tickle my fancy. But I am an eager student, fan, observer, critic, pundit… however way you call it… so I decided to call myself a “pop culturist”.

The change will come by steps as part of the project. The title of this blog, the url, a separate twitter account. It’s like giving myself an overhaul. Whether or not I get a passing mark or this new “image” flies, I am, at the bottom of it… an Asian pop culturist.

And so is anyone into Asia’s films, dramas, music et. al.

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