it’s going to be F4 day, sorta

(Dateline Taipei part 4)

Been really busy running from one place to another.

And tomorrow is gonna be a crazy schedule because after starting it off with a visit to the presidential office for a tour, I’d be meeting him:

Then him…

… to talk about this movie:

…where he sort of parodies himself.

Then I meet her again…incidentally, the one who “created” them:

…because a visit to Taipei is not complete without going to see her that it has become a tradition for us to catch up. It’s always a pleasure to talk to her, I always learn a lot of things.

Another crazy day in my favorite city… and I’m loving it.

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One thought on “it’s going to be F4 day, sorta

  1. Oh, it’s Van ness Wu & Ken Zhu, can’t help but be reminded of Jerry Yan & Zai Zai. F4! Lol! Both of them can speak fluent English, especially Van ness, right? Looking forward to your article. Btw, both Ken & Jerry Yan currently have an airing drama, is that right? And like Van ness, Zai Zai has an upcoming movie as well, the one with Ella?


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