thankful to be in Taipei

(Dateline Taipei part 1)

I don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving (I find it too Western) but I am thankful right now for being in one of my favorite cities.

It’s been a hectic time since I arrived I didn’t even have time to look out of the window on the ride from the airport to the hotel because I was too busy checking emails and trying to make my dual SIM card work.

Tonight’s major event for me was supposed to be the night market party of the Golden Horse. Got there early and checked the night market.

tang ho lu!

some parts of a lotus

French macaroons in a Taipei nightmarket?

angry birds?

Then Z and I ran into Arvin Chen (director of Au Revoir Taipei). He was with his students (he’s giving a workshop during the Golden Horse festivities). He promised an interview.

Then I started to feel my colds getting serious. Earlier in the MRT, I heard a reminder telling the public that if they have colds symptoms, they should wear a mask to be considerate to others. On arrival at the airport, I got a scare when they asked to check my temperature. Good thing this isn’t SARS era, but yeah, I hope it doesn’t get worse coz I can’t allow this to ruin my trip! And there’s so much to do!

I saw this too at the nightmarket. Shen Xing Ren, is that your Qin Zi Qi bear?

And are these the son and daughters of the Qin Zi Qi and Shen Xing Ren bears?

I wanna get a pair but these are not of good quality. I hope I can find them in the mall. They’re my OTP bear!

Oh and I got my schedule for Wednesday next week worked out. Talking with Taiwan’s leading (for me, the only) female impresario; it’s my fourth time to meet her and I always enjoy talking to her, I learn a lot, it’s like being in a special class and learning from a mentor you really look up to.

Then afterwards, the interview with a member of this really big pop group that paved the way for Taiwan pop culture to be known across the region. He is currently promoting his new film and I’m really glad I get to have an hour despite his busy schedule!

Still working out on the rest but yeah, Golden Horse on Saturday in Hsinchu City!

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2 thoughts on “thankful to be in Taipei

  1. So you’re finally in Taipei & those food pics looks sooo delicious! Lol. Love Taipei night markets too. Nice shot! What are those cute looking fruits(?), that looks like angry birds? hahaha, you’re funny! :)))

    Oh yeah, it’s the Golden Horse awards this weekend, that’s exciting! Are you attending the ceremony or the press party for the event or something? Not actually familiar how is it there for such events. lol.

    Anyways, hope you’re feeling better. Best remedy for colds is a long good night’s rest, eating lots of fruits & drinking lots of water. And yeah, walking around wearing those masks could be ridiculously funny. Done that when I was in Hong Kong during the SARS thingy & it’s really uncomfortable. Ehhh, but Taiwanese celebs actually wear that mask as a disguise, which I find it so funny. Enjoy Taipei…. 🙂


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