drama: from brat to man (Office Girls)

(Roy Qiu…why you so hot part 16)

I have lost count how many times I have watched episode 14 of Office Girls, with and without subs, especially this part. (Thanks to the hardworking subbers at Viki.com!)

This conversation between Qin Zi Qi and Shen Xing Ren just proves how much he has grown up from the happy-go-lucky playboy riding on his father’s back the first time we see him, to a poor-heir-in-disguise trying to scrape a living and eating food that he had otherwise dismissed as garbage and living in a rundown apartment. But more than the change in lifestyle, it is the change in his heart that’s more important. And that is why this conversation is very touching, because it traces QZQ’s growth from a brat, forced by his father into something he didn’t want to do, into a grown-up man.

(After recalling how they first met, with her wearing that dinosaur costume, and how his impression of her changed through the time they’ve known each other…)

QZQ: I just want to tell you that things are now different with me. I’ve thought through this. If you want to leave for France, just go. You don’t have to worry about me. I can ride the scooter. I can wash my own clothes. It can’t be difficult cooking pasta. I won’t starve with NT$30,000.

SXR: Do you really want me to go?

QZQ: Yes.

QZQ: This is for you (giving SXR the broccoli bouquet). It doesn’t matter where you go. I will wait for your return. You don’t have to worry and just do the things you need to do. I will definitely wait for your return. And by that time, I will make the world’s greatest pasta for you.

QZQ: Shen Xing Ren, I like you. Actually, I really like you a lot.

For someone who didn’t know how to confess, QZQ truly gets my vote as the most unique and meaningful. And yes SXR, as the lottery card says: “You’ve won yourself a Qin Zi Qi.” Girl, you will never know until later how that literally means the jackpot, and I hope that you won’t freak out and break our Zi Qi’s heart once you find out the truth about him. Nevertheless, I am soooooo looking forward to that moment when poor boy with the taste for expensive clothes and watches and drops thousands on a single meal alone even if it looks he couldn’t afford it will finally reveal his real identity.

And I am not exactly complaining that after that chaste kiss, they end the scene with a hug because it makes it even sweeter. This is one drama that does not need skinship to show the romantic development between the two leads, although that does not mean to say that a little rabu-rabu wouldn’t be appreciated, ya?

And QZQ, you have really grown up. I am so proud of you. And I hope Qin Baba is also proud of you. As your friend Paul said, “wow”. Your maturity seemed to have happened overnight but it’s actually been 14 episodes in the making so, not bad character development there.

I also truly hope that this maturity, once tested in future episodes as I’m sure it will be by the bitch-in-residence, will not disappoint SXR, Shen Mama and of course, us your audience. And show Qin Baba that you truly deserve to be his heir.

And Qi Zi, can you ask Roy Qiu why he so hot?

Office Girls continues to lead the Sunday idol drama time slot with 5.35% followed by In Time With You with 3.62% and Ring Ring Bell, 0.83%. (Source: China Times Showbiz)

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