drama: Taipei 101 + Office Girls = ♥♥♥

I can’t complain whenever I see Taipei 101 being used as backdrop in Taiwanese dramas because it’s one of my favorite landmarks in the league of London’s Big Ben, Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia and Tokyo’s Tokyo Tower.

So I’m really looking forward to tonight’s episode 14 of Office Girls and this scene (shot at the park across city hall).

I hope they don’t drag the should-Xing-Ren-leave-for-Paris story arc for another episode just to stretch the story and hold on to the ratings. And I shan’t wonder what the resident drama b*tch is up to because it will just ruin my viewing pleasure though I have a suggestion: why don’t Zheng Kai Er (Office Girls) and Ding Li Wei (In Time With You) cross over? As Qin Zi Qi would say: “perfect.” I can see an (anti) fan fiction on Kai Er and Li Wei, they would indeed make a perfect ass pair. One is passive aggressive, the other just plainly aggressive. Perfect foil.

But I digress.

The preview is already making me squeal (plus I love Zi Qi’s friend, Paul. Feedback on his role must have been good that they are giving him more scenes):

♥♥♥♥ to this:

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