drama: that Jay Chou song in the bathroom scene (Office Girls)

A friend asked on Weibo what’s the name of that song Shen Xing Ren sings in the bathroom scene of episode 2 in Office Girls, with Qin Zi Qi unwittingly singing along with her.

Friend is a recruit to Office Girls but she’s not a Jay Chou fan so even though she’s Chinese, it’s understandable. But I’m a Jay Chou fangirl and I didn’t know when a Chou Jie Lun song has hit me. Shame.

But it’s basically a Landy Wen song, so does that make sense?

Anyway (Qin Zi Qi’s voice suddenly echoed in my head when I typed this), the song is called 屋頂 or Rooftop. (Lyrics and translation here.)

The entire scene leading to the bathroom duet:

Seriously, Qin Zi Qi, you’re the only one who doesn’t have qualms about taking a shower in other people’s houses.

But I gotta admit, Zi Qi with the bear is adorable.

Awww little baby, wan an.

Listen to Jay Chou sing 屋頂 with Cindy Wen (her breathy rendition does not do Landy’s original version any justice):

Jay and Landy’s live version:

But imho, it’s best listening to the original:

♫ rang wo ai ni shi shei (shi wo) ♫
♫ rang ni ai wo shi shei (shi ni) ♫

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