drama: cringe cringe bell

Yes, I’m still watching Ring Ring Bell probably because I have a lot of time in my hands I don’t have a life I need a punching bag to destress, and right now, it’s Xiao Xiang.

How many times was the word “idiot” used in episode 7? I have lost count. Could it be that the writer herself feels she’s writing such an idiotic script and it’s manifesting itself in the dialogues?

I feel for you Peter... you alone cannot save this drama.

I don’t know how Peter Ho can save this sinking ship. In almost all the scenes that unfold, I always end up asking if people really do that in real life. Every new sub-plot just outdo the previous one in terms of absurdity.

Guy hires girl to work for his firm but leaves her high and dry to figure out, of all things, where she should sit. She ends up doing stupid things instead and not improving her “PR relations” with her new colleagues. And oh, there’s actually an explanation for guy’s lack of proper briefing, he wanted her to figure out herself how to fit in a PR company. Too bad, girl has a pea-sized brain.

Ex-wife calls ex-husband, who appears with current “gf”. Ex-wife mouths some silly lines and for my peace of mind, I’d just attribute it to her having consumed too much alcohol. Ex-hubby answers with even sillier lines and I don’t know what to blame for this. Current gf throws in her share of silly lines and I blame her stupid character. Idiot quota met. But wait, there’s more. Ex-wife literally throws herself into hubby like a survivor of Titanic desperate to escape from the colossal disaster that’s about to happen. Fat chance.

Boss fires two interns for talking bad about “gf”. Rival PR firm steals a lucrative contract from boss and sends his company to a crisis. Boss meets staff for four bloody hours while gf goes gallivanting with fat friend. Everyone blames her for the incident so she makes them tea. Boss’ staff proceed to humiliate her (and for once, I was on the bad girl’s side I even wanted her to smack gf’s “innocent” face) and it is only then, after four hours of being locked up in that room and thinking of a bloody solution with the dialogue only going around on “don’t you have better ideas etc”, that boss throws in the bomb: the interns were actually spies sent in by rival firm. Ah so. Wow, that really explains everything, boss. I mean, I shan’t wonder anymore why your PR firm is suffering from a crisis that no amount of PR management can solve.

Bad girl and bad boy apologize to gf. They proceed to partake of the tea she prepared with apples and honey she saw lying around. Boss gives them a scare, everyone laughs. Everybody happy, right?

Not me. And the preview of the next episode foretells of more absurd things to come involving a kidnapping and a bomb, and some silly lines exchanged just as the bomb is ticking away. Oh I look forward to that. Not.

Despite all my complaints, I will continue watching Ring Ring Bell because at least it makes me feel better and tells me that there are more absurd things in life than my own dramas.

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