drama: when Roy Qiu sings…

(Roy Qiu…why you so hot part 14)

I have one of the many answers to that question. Because he also sings.

Lest everyone forgets that Roy is also a singer, composes his own songs and even has an album or two to his name. But that was part of his frustration before that prompted him to announce he was quitting, on how he worked so hard on his music but the media would rather focus on his scandals (read: Rainie Yang). Despite saying he was quitting, he still went on to perform with his band until he went to serve the military. He said back then:

“To be able to sing your own creations live is really great. The money isn’t the main concern, the most important thing is the feeling.”


And he gets to display that talent in episode 13 of Office Girls with his acoustic version of Yisa Yu’s Wei Jia Xing Fu (微加幸福). Lucky Shen Xing Ren.

I’ve now melted into a pool of former human.

What else can’t Roy do? He acts, sings, composes, races, plays the guitar…

Oh Roy Qiu, that’s why you’re so hot!

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3 thoughts on “drama: when Roy Qiu sings…

  1. Can you please upload more videos of office girls.,its been not available in our area.,and please with english version. Thanks a lot


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