music: theme song of many ‘good friends’ in the ebiz

I love this insert song in Office Girls.

Come to think of it, that drama has a lot of nice songs. But this song really amuses me because it reminds me of the favorite excuse lame reason answer of actors and actresses whenever they are linked to someone:

“We are just very good friends.”

Yeah. Yeah.

But now they have a new one: “We are just brothers/sisters.” Oh, why don’t you bring in the entire family!

I give them the benefit of the doubt. They may be telling the truth. But using “good friends” as an excuse is an old act no one is buying it anymore. Whether true or not.

Here’s the video of 好朋友只是朋友 (Good Friends Are Just Friends) by Yisa Yu (I’m so gonna buy her albums when I get to Taipei):

It’s a painful song but the lines are real. Thanks to Asian-Drama for the lyrics and translation! (I love this site.)

好朋友只是朋友 还是朋友 不能够占有
好朋友疯狂以后 就一个人走 无所求

好朋友只是朋友 只能保留 一点点温柔
我知道什么时候回头 不打扰你的自由

感情在天平两头 谁都怕太沉重

Good friend is only a friend, still a friend, cannot possess
Good friend after having fun, leaves alone, demand nothing

Good friend is only a friend, can only keep, a little tenderness
I know when to turn back, do not disturb your freedom

Lover is not the best friend
Friend no matter how good cannot hold hand
Relationship at the both ends of the scale, everyone is afraid of too heavy

Today, incidentally, is the birthday of one of the “hao pengyou” (good friend) of my OTP so I’m posting this picture taken on 3/26/2004 at 12:43am (this according to the metadata in the picture).

Beatrice (RIP) is on the extreme right with two of her good friends (in the middle). This photo was taken before Devil Beside You (2005) even started filming.

Happy birthday hao pengyou. Please continue to guide and protect your two hao pengyous, angel.

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