music: Ragtime + Hiphop + B-box = Jay Chou

I guess this will be one of several Jay Chou posts to come as I go through his album.

I love Jay’s MVs. They’re fresh and cool, but they also tell stories like I’m Not Worthy. I’d say the dude is a storyteller, he tells stories through his songs and movies, including, yes, his music videos.

JVR Music promotes 水手怕水 (Sailor Afraid Of The Water) as a combination of ragtime, hiphop and B-box, with Jay being the “first singer” to present this sort of music to the Chinese market.

The MV actually reminds me of 牛仔很忙 (Cowboy On The Run). He goofs around and even drinks milk. Ye Hui Mei’s son still drinks milk, huh?

Meanwhile, the new album comes in limited USB edition and 2 deluxe editions.

The USB is very practical and I quite like the sailor-inspired luggage as packaging for the deluxe edition. I wonder if I can buy that in Taipei or I have to order that online. I read some reports that there’s a backlog in delivery because the supplier cannot cope with the demand considering that the merchandise are all hand-made.

Aiyoh Jie Lun, you’ve ruined my mission to get rid of all the useless knickknacks and simplify my life.

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One thought on “music: Ragtime + Hiphop + B-box = Jay Chou

  1. I don’t know what to say about this song because whenever I listen to it or watching the MV, I will either smiling or laughing especially during the part lingbu ling, lingbu ling…… So, does it mean I’m loving it?…. Haha…


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