drama: Peter Ho goes ‘bo peep bo peep’

It’s my first time watching Peter Ho in a drama. OK, I watched Summer’s Desire fleetingly but he never even registered because I was more curious about all the hoopla surrounding Huang Xiao Ming.

And now here comes Ring Ring Bell.

And this scene that really cracked me up:

I’m not really familiar with K-pop so I had to look up what Tara’s Bo Peep Bo Peep was. I even thought it was Bee-Bop.

I looked up Peter Ho’s beefy body body of work and was surprised to find out he was in the drama version of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Not that I watched it. And he was also in Original Scent of Summer, which I want to watch badly. It figures why he and Qiu Ze interact on Weibo.

It’s just a pity that the guy has been packaged as some sort of a beefcake because his acting is not bad.

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