music: currently listening to Office Girls, Ring Ring Bell themes

It’s been a while since I listened to my iPod it’s been feeling neglected. But last night, I created a drama OST playlist and I’ve been listening to it while at work and during bedtime.

The track list:

#1 Wei Jia Xing Fu (微加幸福/Micro Plus Happiness) by Yisa Yu from Office Girls

#2 Tou Tou De Ai (偷偷的愛/Secretly Love) by Della Ding from Ring Ring Bell

#3 知足 (Contentment) from Ring Ring Bell

Now this song has several versions and it’s also included in Mayday’s 3D DNA movie too.

By Jia Jia

By Mayday


By Fish Leong (live)

The songs of both Yisa Yu and Della Ding are favorite picks for dramas. Yisa sang The Fierce Wife theme while Della sang Autumn’s Concerto’s.

There’s an element of melancholic sadness in 知足 it’s not really good to listen to it while reading and editing political stories but I still listen anyway. My favorite among the lot though is Della Ding’s 偷偷的愛, it’s just the right groove for work mode. But whenever I hear Yisa Yu’s 微加幸福, I wanna run to the KTV and sing… or rather, I wanna fly to Taiwan and see Qiu Ze.

Qiu Ze, why you make me sing?

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