drama: slowly getting there => ♥ (Office Girls)

(Roy Qiu…why you so hot part 13)

I’d like to start this blog post with a song… because when you’re in love, you sing, right?

♬ ♫ The love of two people…that’s already been seen and heard by others ♫ ♬

Let Jingli and Mandy sing it:

Am I the only one who felt that episode 12 of Office Girls was too short for some Qin Zi Qi & Shen Xing Ren rabu rabu? Or perhaps when you’re having a good, romantic time, the hour just flies by so fast.

There are both good news and bad news in this episode: good news is, Zheng Kai Er has gone off to god-knows-where (maybe the North Pole where her anemic acting would be the liveliest thing around?) for her annual leave; bad news is, I don’t like that foreshadowing about Shen Mama. Is she sick? Is she going to die? Coz that will make Xing Ren so sad… and our Zi Qi even sadder. Besides, who will jiayou these two little brats?

So anyway…the air is cleared about Zheng Kai Er (who’s gonna miss her? Not me.). And thank goodness for that. And one gotta hand it to Qin Zi Qi for finally coming clean.

“I don’t have many strong points but my strongest point is I won’t lie.”

The heart doesn’t lie Zi Qi baobei, no matter how much you tried to deny it then.

You and Xing Ren also gotta listen to Shen Mama:

“You have to be brave. Don’t let true love turn into regret… this phrase is important. Hurry, write it down!”

You read my mind Shen Mama and don’t worry, I already wrote it down for the two little brats.

And so now the courtship is on and it’s done through the Zi Qi and Xing Ren bears. How cuter can these two get?

And even then, they are already bickering like an old couple. Le sigh.

These two little brats are lucky that they have people like Shen Mama and Jingli who play cupid to them… so that they can play truant go on a date in Danshui.

I like the song on this track:

And then of course, Zi Qi got wise and tried to score (aside from handing over The Key to her):

Zi Qi: “An English research concluded that foreheads are the best way to check temperature. Once you touch, you’ll know if you have a fever.”

Xing Ren: “So do I have a fever?”

ZQ: “It’s too early to tell. You have to wait awhile.”

XR: “How long?”

ZQ: “About two days.”

XR: “Qin Zi Qi, you’re playing with me aren’t you?”

ZQ: (Holding on to his cheek) “Don’t slap me, OK?”

Oh you adorable boy. I hope you never grow up and continue to play race car with Xing Ren bear too.

And I can totally imagine the two of you growing old like this:

Side notes: Methinks the production let the Zheng Kai Er character rest for a while after the barrage of online complaints on Tia Li’s lifeless acting and her character in the drama that it has affected her personally, this according to reports. But I still wonder when she will be back; maybe when she returns, she’d have married a rich old Greek tycoon who’s actually bankrupt. Or not.

I hope the writers don’t forget to tie some loose ends. What happened to that USB that Zheng Kai Er passed to Zi Qi before? What could be in there? Was that sub-plot never developed after the negative feedback on her character?

I’m also looking forward to moving along with the Qin Zi Qi heir-in-disguise story arc. That’s more exciting than the Lao Yu and Mina angle. They can set up their stall anywhere they want to. Meanwhile, where’s Qin Papa? Is he watching his young son grow up from the side?

According to the drama’s Chinese Wikipedia, there are 16 episodes. So four more episodes to go. Oh I don’t want to say goodbye to Qin Zi Qi and Shen Xing Ren yet, but I am looking forward to how their story is going to end.

Oh the ironies of life.

(The drama almost broke 6% in last Sunday’s ratings, hitting 5.97. Wahsay, Qiu Ze! That’s because you’re hot!)

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