drama: tonight, the Office Girls romance officially begins…

I’m counting down the hours… till the Qin Zi Qi and Shen Xing Ren hour.

After each episode of Office Girls was shown, I’d always say, that was my favorite one! But 11 episodes later and they just keep raising the ante. Gong xi to the writers Luo Cai Yu, Lu Li Li and Fang Yi De for coming up with a highly entertaining show and never losing their direction. It’s so difficult to do that especially when the show is leading the ratings and the pressure is on them to maintain the lead. But so far, the writing team has managed to deliver.

And now, romance that’s been planted and nurtured for the last 11 episodes is about to bloom.

What to expect later tonight:

Like Qin Zi Qi, are you also waiting?

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