Jay Chou’s ‘scratch head’ moment

It seems if the paps can’t catch Jay Chou with his latest paramour, they’re going to get him another way: through his pompadour.

Or whatever it is on top of his head right now, which according to this news, is a wig.

I almost fell off the chair laughing when I first read the news. Aiya, he didn’t. But well, if there’s an itch to scratch, then do it.

Talk about Jay’s “hair problem” has been going around for some time. Taiwanese media has been making snarky remarks on how he has been slowly losing his hair. At 32, he’s quite young to be shedding hair but then again, with the pressure and stress he’s in–including having to deal with paps that follow his every move–it shouldn’t be a surprise.

But now, it’s no longer just a matter of hair fall but sebum. Well Jay, perhaps that’s the paps’ payback for all the taunting you’ve done to them (“spring chicken who is actualy 32” LMAO, you gotta love the paps). Now they are the ones taunting you. You just gotta scratch your head then.

No worries, you’re this year’s top earner among Taiwanese artists raking in NT$660 million from one movie (The Viral Factor) and concerts. (I wonder though why they didn’t factor in The Green Hornet or was it in your earnings last year?)

But anyway Jay, with your money, you can go to a topnotch trichologist to have your, uh, hair and scalp problem treated, dui bu dui?

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