music & drama: 微加幸福 (Office Girls ending song)

This song has been playing in my head for a few days now:

It’s called 微加幸福 or “Micro Plus Happiness”, sang by Yisa Yu, and is the ending song of Office Girls. (Sing along.)

(That photo above reminds me of Rainie Yang’s pictorial for Longing For… What’s with flowing black, the beach and Chinese artists?)

English translation of the song can be found here.

Yisa Yu was born in Chengdu, Sichuan (2008 tragic earthquake) in China and placed fourth in the 2009 Super Girl. She also sang  指望 ( Expect), the theme of The Fierce Wife.

Another of her song, 伤不起 (Can’t Afford To Be Hurt) is an insert in Office Girls. (English translation here.)

My favorite lines in 微加幸福:


“How do you add happiness into love? No matter how many smiles, it cannot compare with a single tear of bitterness.”

When I think about it, the song does not really fit the rom-com mood of Office Girls. But the melody is so nice and catchy that it keeps playing back in my head.

So how do you add happiness into love?

Oh just think of Roy Qiu why you so hot of course.

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