drama: wake me up when that bastard is gone

I have serious issues with episode 7 of In Time With You…but none of them as major as the return of the character of Ding Li Wei.

The minor issues have something to do with him too.

I love this drama, it offers you little nuggets that you ingest about life. Some can be cliche, but hey, they make you think and reflect.

But it fell into cheesy territory with that “reunion” scene of Cheng You Qing with Li Wei… in the rain, then suddenly he appears out of nowhere and grabs her. Only happens in dramas indeed.

I mean, ITWY has been doing OK with the realistic depiction of a relationship that’s bordering between friendship and love. But I suppose in that particular scene, the writers wanted to show You Qing’s dilemma about a love she considers as her most intense yet. And how one would react if that person suddenly returns. I get that, totally.

But what I don’t get is why such a practical and level-headed woman (until now) would allow herself to be taken to the house of this man so she could change into dry clothes when it would have been more logical if he just drove her home instead. To test her power of resistance? Bullshit.

And the biggest bullshit is how You Qing and Li Da Ren are thinking they’re protecting their friendship by staying friends when it’s obvious how much they love and mean to each other. But OK, it’s a valid dilemma. It actually reminds me of two people. And the reason why I can’t stand this cocky character (pun intended, right@marylngoh?) named Li Wei is because he also reminds me of that one person that’s trying to get into the picture of those two people.

That’s the charm of ITWY. People can empathize though it’s a painful watch.

But I digress. Back to Li Wei… I don’t get his game. But his character is obviously a perfect foil to the calm, gentle Da Ren. So is that why the story is trying to make him look so annoying that it makes you wonder why You Qing even fell in love with him in the first place?

Oh, just wake me up when that bastard is gone.

October 30 idol drama ratings: Office Girls continues to lead with 5.35%; ITWY is second with 2.64%. (Source: China Times Showbiz)

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8 thoughts on “drama: wake me up when that bastard is gone

  1. Aigoo, I hate that guy too. He’s too annoying. And his tattoos are not sexy, viki viewers. But I get why YouQing is confused with his flowery advances and the hug and the ILY (things she complained about to DaRen). LiWei is pretty good with cockblocking DaRen’s attempt to confess. But it’s not up to LiWei, it’s up to DaRen to get the nerve up to lay it all down and confess. Take responsibility and marry her! Hay, I wonder whose proposal goes first next ep: LiWei’s or DaRen’s. The preview may be misleading. I want DaRen to propose first and confuse YouQing then get mad at LiWei’s public declaration to her parents about marrying her. (Gah, I hate those proposals that are too public for the girl to wiggle out of.)

    Anyway, I’m worked up, too. I know I should let the drama run its course, but I just want to hurry DaRen, reach into my screen and shake him. hhaaha.

    I still love this drama. It owns me at the moment. 🙂

    P.S. has the floods reached you, ate?


    • I couldn’t enjoy the episode because I was too annoyed with him. I couldn’t even digest properly the lovely little nuggets of reflection about the orchid and expiration date lols
      But you’re right, I do see why You Qing is quite taken with Li Wei. he’s forward although that can also be cocky. and he’s a stalker!!! doesn’t he have a job to do? what’s his work by the way? now I’m curious hahaha
      and it’s obvious that no one in You Qing’s side of the fence likes Li Wei. I mean, if a guy makes you into a doormat, I don’t think that’s the kind of guy you’d like to be with for the rest of your life. basta, he’s just annoying! I don’t know how I’m going to get through the next episode… so wake me up when Sunny is gone!


      • Isn’t he a stalker? That part when he’s looking at her through the sculpture while she was waiting for the elevator was very stalker-y. And the rainy meet-up?! That’s what made it icky for me (aside from the unwelcome and uncomfortably bordering on assault scenes at his apartment): he made being her hero look coincidental. she has rain/getting wet issues. I remember that the other guy scored points for his umbrella. i dislike pushy guys who are not supposed to be the drama’s hero?

        i think his work is involved with computers/IT. Remember the tablet scene where he says he wants her to depend on her? It’s awesome that she had a reasonable comeback: What happens when she’s come to depend on him and he suddenly feels suffocated? [I mean, if this guy was supposed to be the hero, I’d be swooning at the things he does for YQ. But I remember that this person has integrity issues that are yet unresolved.]

        Physically he’s not handsome to me. I’m not too attracted to baldy types; it’s all about the hair for me. And besides, the way he handles how other women ooh and ahh over him shows he’s a bit narcissistic. Major turn off. I’d prefer guys who doesn’t seem aware of how attractive they are. The guy from Nagareboshi (Takenouchi Yutaka) comes to mind. (Gahh, he’s so handsome, and I totally love his quiet, selfless character in the drama. If I ever write a post on my ideal drama heroes, Kengo would be #1.)

        Yep, I’m totally on DaRen’s side. I hurt whenever he’s hurt. That birthday scene was soooo sad. I wanna hug the puppy. Did YQ forget or did she really purposefully gave him and Maggie the space to celebrate?

        Anyway, if we get to see DaRen get up his courage again (like the punching scene with LiWei) next epi, I think we’d get through it. Or else, I’ll wake you up when Sunny is gone. (Why is his name Sunny? I’m used to it being a girl’s name!)


      • HAHAHAHA Gail! your comment cracked me up.

        and yes, I agree he is narcissistic. HAMBOG! that’s why it puzzles me why YQ is so taken with him. I mean her character is supposed to be level-headed. I guess he is her Achilles heel.

        and nice one on the rain issues! totally! you mean the other guy who turned out to be gay? I remember! hmmm then Da Ren would need a storm so he could offer a raincoat and a giant umbrella.

        Sunny… I dunno why he’s named like that. but I heard he comes from a rich family. as to why these rich kids want to be actors beats me but I guess the combo of wealth and fame is too hard to resist.

        I don’t find him attractive either… he’s an uglified version of Wang Lee Hom.


  2. Hi! I think I can relate to what you’re feeling. I liked episode 7 actually but it was painful to watch. It just gave me different sorts of emotions that at times, it’s hard to process. Lol!!! I stand by my love for Li Da ren but if Ding Li Wei will serve as the catalyst for You Qing to eventually realize that the one she truly loves is Da ren, I’m fine with it. I just love how the writer shows in each episode that even though You Qing & Da ren would have disagreements every now & then, in the end, they will still be there for each other as best friends. Like the last scene, You Qing taking care of Da ren because he was sick. That’s why I love this drama. Thanks for the insights! 🙂


    • I’m just wondering about a teaser I saw… wherein DLW was supposed to be in a plane crash or something and YQ was waiting for him at the airport with LDR. was that part of their “past” or would that be one of the unbearable moments to come?

      I do agree, the DLW character needs to be there to act as catalyst to the YQ-LDR relationship. as to how this will shake the best friends’ relationship is something to watch. if I can bear it.


      • I think that scene will be in the coming “unbearable” episodes. That scene happened when Da ren was already in Singapore, so I think it wasn’t a flashback. How I wish I can read Chinese so I could have bought the script book for this drama. It maybe a spoiler but I would’ve love to know what happens, so my heart will be at peace while watching the “painful” episodes. LOL!!!


      • I wouldn’t mind a spoiler myself… I’ll look around in case someone translated the scriptbook. otherwise, I’d choose to wait until the unbearable presence of LDW is over lols


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