Arashi will save JAL?

Dear JAL,

Since you are in the red and under a three-year “revitalization” plan, here’s an idea.

Sell Arashi and Kaibutsu-kun JAL products in-flight. After all, you’ve already done the first step, which is to get the faces of the boys and Kaibutsu-kun plastered on your aircrafts and endorse you in TV commercials.


Arashi Beautiful World

So why not extend it to souvenir items too? Like mini Arashi jets. Like this:


I mean, the mini jet, not the cake. My friend @ailamarie and her friends made that so why can’t JAL do it? And throw in a Kaibutsu-kun plush toy while you’re at it. I mean, the possibilities are endless: that lobster watchamacallit that Aiba used in the TVC, jet keychains, Arashi mini dolls (wouldn’t it be cute with them wearing the JAL uniform?)… anything with Arashai and Kaikai on them, I’m sure fangirls would buy and make your in-flight service look like a Johnny’s store. And when other passengers see the fuss, they’d want to be part of it too because this is what a good marketing strategy is all about, make people want to buy something even if they don’t necessarily need it. But please be sure to offer the merchandise service in your international flights so fangirls worldwide can avail of it too. The Arashi/Kaibutsu-kun domestic route is just so… thinking local. No wonder you’re in the red.

You’d be surprised at the power of fandom, they can make your in-flight JAL merchandise the top earner in the company.

But wait… will Johnny-san get a hefty commission too?

Why don’t you just let me him buy the company then and all the Johnnys will be flight attendants with Kimura Takuya himself as one of the pilots, their faces on the aircrafts, on meal packages, souvenir items, even on the seat that your butt sits on. Think Hello Kitty and EVA Airlines, c’mon. And of course, since it’s a Johnny’s company now, then JAL would be… Johnny’s Airlines.

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One thought on “Arashi will save JAL?

  1. I totally LOLed at the pictures. So this is how far Arashi’s influences are? Cool! Never been to Japan myself but I hope I’ll be–someday. 🙂


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