music: Be a J-girl, get a song

Ah to be Jay Chou’s friend, you get to have your own drama series and guest on his TV show he specially put up to help his pals get exposure.

But how much more to be Jay Chou’s girl-friend. You get to have a song.

♬ How sweet it is to be sung by you ♫

This report says that Mine, Mine, one of the songs from his soon-to-be-released album is dedicated to an ex-love because of these lyrics:

“You said we are over, why should I help you hold an umbrella”

“When my ear itched, it meant that you’re talking behind my back. I don’t think I’m that bad. You don’t have to tell that to your friends. Wouldn’t your friends be awkward when we reconcile in the future?”

Wahsay Jie-lun, who do you want to get back with?

Do you want to be Double J again?

But wasn’t it said that his Hao Jiu Bu Jian (Long Time No See) was written for Jolin Tsai, especially with the following lyrics:

“Long time no see, are you all right? Has your puppy grown up yet?”

This is Jolin with the cutest dog owned by a Taiwanese celebrity ever, Whoohoo:

The Hao Ju Bu Jian MV also has a cute factor in the form of the Flora Expo robot Vanilla Baby.

Taiwanese media noted that Jay has the habit of “communicating his feelings through his music” (well, duh, he’s a songwriter) and that Wo Bu Pei (I’m Not Worthy) was written for another ex, Patty Hou.

I love the MV of this song:

I guess that’s a song for lovers in the entertainment business. Watta tough life.

Now back to the song Mine, Mine.

The media made a U-turn from Jolin to another ex-J-girl, Jessie Chiang, because of the lines:

“You still park your car on the red line, I’ll pay the fine for you”

Media, as smart as we are, pointed out that Jessie did not have her private garage unlike Jolin and Patty. Oh, the poor J-girl. Or make that ex-J-girl.

I wonder though if these girls get a commission for inspiring the creative juices of Jay and his constant songwriting partner, Vincent Fang?

And I wonder, when will Hannah Quinlivan get a song too?

Or you have to be an ex-J-girl first in order to get a song?

Get down to work Jay, there’s a lot of ex-J-girls waiting for their song.

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