movie: Romancing in Thin Air… Valentine in December

My first thought when I saw the poster of Johnnie To’s new film is: it’s Christmas.

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I love Johnnie To’s work from his Andy Lau-Sammi Cheng films like Needing You and Love on a Diet to his triad Election 1 and 2, but my favorite is Breaking News, perhaps because I can relate to it as someone working in the media industry.

Now he’s back with Romancing in Thin Air topbilled by his golden-haired girl Sammi and eternally tanned Louis Koo (is it true about him and…?).

The story sounds familiar enough: an actor is jilted at the altar by his girlfriend so he escapes to Yunnan where he meets a new love interest.

It sounds like Mike He’s Marry Me.

Johnnie talks about filming the movie here.

This doesn’t exactly mark Sammi’s comeback to films after suffering a burnout and focusing on her Christianity, because she did a movie with Eason Chan back in 2008. But here he returns to the care of Johnnie, who said she has matured as an actress. This is her second time to work with Louis.

I’m curious to see if Koo Jai would still look tanned despite the story being set in Yunnan.

The film opens next year.

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