Wang Lee Hom: Only idols dance?

I like Wang Lee Hom better as an actor than as a singer. I find his “chink” music still too Western and it does not really register with me the way that a Jay Chou song, at first listen, will stick. But both of them are talented and work hard at their craft, and I respect singers who compose their own songs. Now, that’s talent, more than just dancing and being hailed as the “king of dance”. Anyone can be “king of dance”.

But it’s funny how many people apparently discouraged Lee Hom from dancing when he was just starting. The quote below is taken from his Facebook page that he updated today.

“I remember when I was first starting out, the record company told me, ‘Don’t dance. Only idols dance, and you want to be seen as a real musician.’ Thinking back, that’s such a silly misconception! Dance is music! Music enters the body and comes out as dance!”

And he can dance, I just hope he does it more often though of course that depends on the beat of the song and besides, dancing may distract from his music.  Here he dances solo before a number. But what’s with artists and their magic tricks?

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