before Double J and RM… there was Double R

I am now looking for a copy of Original Scent of Summer, the 2003 drama where Roy Qiu-why-you-so-hot and Rainie Yang fell in love.

They were young and immature so eventually, they parted ways. But that drama is testament that there was once a Double R before Double J came… and before RM came to existence.

Roy’s front teeth then were crooked but he was already hot. Rainie looked so young but she was already ke ai.

Here are some scenes from the drama I got from a Vietnamese fan site. Looking at these make me more curious to watch especially the underwater kissing scene.

And then, he came and swept her away.

To have more context on the Roy-Rainie-Mike love triangle, here’s an old clip:

Don’t they look alike?

The three of them were brought together in one place two weeks ago at Apple Daily’s Star Party.

Roy arrived with Alice Ke and their other co-stars in Office Girls. Mike and Rainie arrived together.

It’s been seven years since, they all look so grown-up. And it’s high time that these three should do a drama together, dui bu dui?

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2 thoughts on “before Double J and RM… there was Double R

  1. You know, I feel like crying when i read this you know.
    As much as I like roy, he make me realise that I still want RM together as much as ever.
    I’m really glad that things had been so sweet between rainie and roy and their secret love.
    From the body language, I think it’s not hard to tell who was the more active one.
    I think it was natural for double R to fall in love because they were almost ‘stranded’ in that island filming.
    Just imagine if it was mike instead? Will that relationship last? I wonder.
    Perhaps, Mike look like one person who holds on for very long.
    And true enough, being an onscreen couple isn’t about who’s first or second but which is the most classic for all to remember and, rm did that. It wasn’t like there weren’t double-r or rainie-ken shipppers around, and of course there were plentiful of mikariel, but RM beat it all. How much fate, destiny and connection the two have to create these?
    They just fit and belong.


    • ah, reading your comment makes me teary-eyed too and realise that RM have been through a lot.
      and what boggles and amazes me at the same time is still the Star Party… considering the scandal they were involved in seven years ago.
      isn’t it sending a message that seven years since–after Roy and Rainie–Rainie and Mike are still there very much in each others’ lives.
      I agree with your observation that it was inevitable that Double R would fall while in Pengu, the environment was just conducive. and yes, it’s obvious who was the more active one.
      and I suppose, Rainie had to go through her Roy phase and Mike had to go through his Ariel phase and meet at the fork of those roads.
      and I hope RM will continue to walk together on red carpets outside their public lives, you know what I mean.


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