Arashi for JAL

A Japanese friend (non-Arashi fan) sent me a virtual gift one time when she returned to Tokyo from a trip in South America. A photo of Arashi’s JAL advertisement welcoming people at Narita.

I have mentioned before that Arashi makes fun PVs… but their commercials are also something else.

This one’s the latest from JAL:

Riida, that’s one giant sembei (Japanese cracker:

Trust Aiba, the resident animal-lover, to have this:

Here’s the full TVC:

JAL has been in the red and is in fact under a three-year restructuring plan. By the looks of it, this Arashi campaign is part of the plan to reinvigorate the firm’s flagging fortunes. It wants to boost domestic travel but the local industry is shrinking. It should go international… time to call on the Arashi fangirls around the world.

Arashi, Arashi… for dream.

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