sorry paps, prepare for another taunting from Mr J

Dear 狗,

This photo does not count.

According to Jay Chou’s challenge to you guys, it should be him and Hannah Quinlivan doing face time with your cameras. Not his back saying hello to your lens.

Life for Jay right now may be so crazy with you following him everywhere. Not that he’s not used to it. But fosho he asked for it after he taunted you repeatedly for not being able to take photos of him and Hannah together… or with their faces and not their backs to the camera. So good luck being able to have a peaceful dinner with the mother, friends and rumored girlfriend, Jie-lun, because these guys are gonna be on your heels.

Anyway, you guys have succeeded… almost.

But clever positioning there of Mr J. Now I wonder what kind of humiliation he’d be inflicting on you again. Oh, this is going to be interesting, maybe I should throw in some popcorn in the microwave.

Please keep me entertained gous.


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2 thoughts on “sorry paps, prepare for another taunting from Mr J

  1. I also hope Jay does well in handling the pressure from the paparazzi (as he’s the one who asked for the challenge)… But please Jay, hopefully after this no another story of you and Hannah “together eating / walking with light bulb”, as I’m getting sick of it! (But I know my wish will not come true as more news of them will keep getting appear on news headline)..

    Well, (just some opinion) for me, the way Jay treats Hannah is just like how he did to his previous rumored girlfriend, Jessie Jiang. Watching movie or eating together and he helps her builds her career……. But one thing for sure, he will not acknowledge her as his girlfriend… And Jay had said during his new album press conference that he does not have a girlfriend and Hannah happen to be one of his friend from opposite sex. And this make me wonder how long Hannah can hold the title as “J-girl” since now she had got bad reputation among media and netizens due to her DIVA attitude (such as reject to come to talk show at the last minute, reject any interview, late for show…. and maybe many more to come..) So unprofessional….


    • I agree, that’s how Jay has always been with the so-called J-girls.
      the only thing with Hannah that’s why the paparazzi homed in on them like a school of bees is because of his challenge. he shouldn’t have taunted and challenged them. and now he wants to “protect” his personal life? then just keep quiet, right?
      I wonder though, how come this Hannah has become so visible with Chou Mama? that’s why many think she has a different status than other J-girls because of that factor.


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