life is like a bowl of durian

I was transcribing my interview with KVS, the director of the World Film Bangkok, earlier for my next popasia column and I had a laugh when he wanted to change the lyrics of his favorite song:

“life is like a bowl of cherries, don’t take it serious…”


“life is like a bowl of durian, it stinks so don’t take it too serious…”

He explained that since we’re Asian, we needed to put it into the Asian context.

It’s funny, the country I come from grows durian, and so does this adopted country I am living in now (they grow it and how). But the only durian I knew was candy and ice cream because I did not have the courage to eat the real thing.

Durian fans would mock me for missing one of the few delights of life. I would often give them a doubtful look. They described it to me as creamy like an ice cream. That got me curious, but not curious enough to really try eating one.

Until two months ago that is when friends were visiting and we got into a dare of eating the famous Thai dessert of durian with sticky rice. It’s similar to their mango with sticky rice dessert, except this one was, well, durian.

It wasn’t as bad as I imagined it, though the pungent smell came with the aftertaste.It’s an acquired taste, all right, and it’s a taste I have yet to acquire.

Now back to the song… I wouldn’t say life is like a bowl of durian, it stinks. Instead, I’d say life is like a bowl of durian, it’s an aphrodisiac.

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