TV: Jay Chou’s ‘gf’ is only worth US$400 on TV

Being Jay Chou’s new squeeze doesn’t necessarily up one’s price.


If this article is to be believed, it doesn’t matter if you’re Jay Chou’s latest rumored girlfriend–oh, make that wife–it wouldn’t make a difference with your talent fee and whether you’re going to drop a bomb on the show. You get what your real value is.

And for Hannah Quinlivan, that’s only NT$12,000 or approximately US$400 per TV appearance.

That was what Hannah was gonna get for appearing on Here Comes Kang Xi hosted by Kevin Tsai and Xiao S (with Da S pinch-hitting once her sister goes full term into her pregnancy). Kang Xi,how can you be so cheap!

In fact, the production cost to change the episode at the last minute was higher at NT$15,000 (almost US$500).

Hannah was said to have backed out the night before filming because she was too afraid of being cornered by the hosts about her uncle, I mean, Jay. For an 18-year-old girl, facing the two would be scary indeed.

Or maybe Hannah mei mei backed out because the talent fee was too cheap?

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