Roy Qiu, belated 生日快乐

(Roy Qiu…why you so hot part 9)

Happy birthday Roy Qiu!!!

Ah Ze is 30 years old… but why you so hot???

I suddenly had this urge to check out his 2003 drama with Rainie Yang, Original Scent of Summer. I can see the hotness already even back then despite the crooked teeth and I’m just sad there’s no subbed version that I could find online.

I saw someone’s search for “why Roy and Rainie broke” leading to my blog… from what I’ve read, they were very young then and immature. She had expectations that he could not meet as a boyfriend (like he would disappear for days without contacting her) and it suffocated him. Story of everyone’s young romance.

I’m sure both of them have done some growing up since, and the birthday boy is all looking mature but still naughty.

Oh and Ah Ze, your soul brother would like to greet you 生日快乐!

Why don’t you guys settle old scores through a car race?

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