drama: battle of the dramas… oblique love confessions

It’s very interesting to note that there were love confessions in competing dramas Office Girls and In Time With You in their October 23 episodes… no matter if they were oblique.

Qin Zi Qi confessed to the cardboard likeness of Shen Xing Ren and then to Lao Yu later in Office Girls. Li Da Ren, meanwhile, confessed to Maggie in In Time With You.

Next week, Qin Zi Qi tells Zheng Kai Er who he really loves and it would have been a great comparison then especially with the lines he tells Kai Er and what Da Ren tells Maggie in the last episode. They say the same thing–it’s not you, it’s me–but in different ways.

But what the heck, I want to blog on the two episodes.

Since I blogged about Qin Zi Qi’s confessions here, I’d go ahead with Li Da Ren:

Li Da Ren (LDR): “I love Cheng You Qing. I thought that I wouldn’t fall in love with her. I didn’t want to love her. I already have an arrogant mother. An arrogant younger sister. I just didn’t have the confidence to love Cheng You Qing. But this could possibly be the law. The more I don’t want to, the more I love. So I…”

Maggie (M): “Enough! Why are you telling me you love Cheng You Qing?”

LDR: “I’m sorry. I just don’t want to evade the problems between us.”

M: “What problems do we have between us?”

LDR: “I like you. But not love.”

M: “Where am I lacking compared to Cheng You Qing? Why can’t you love me?”

LDR: “Love is not about who is better than who. Maggie, you are great. You are really great. It’s I who is sorry.”

M: “I will not accept your apologies. It’s disgusting. It’s really so disgusting. You already have someone in your heart and you are still not going to admit it? You’re such a coward that you even exploited my love for you to prove your love. Li Da Ren, you’re really mean!”

And here’s a preview of what to expect next week when Qin Zi Qi finally tells Zheng Kai Er that it’s not her he loves but Shen Xing Ren:

Qin Zi Q (QZQ): “I think there’s something I need to tell you… I like Shen Xing Ren. You’re really a very good girl. You should choose an even better happiness.”

Zheng Kai Er: “Where do I not compare to Xing Ren?”

QZQ: “You don’t not compare to her. Shen Xing Ren isn’t as smart as you nor is she as pretty. But I don’t know why…”

The rest coming up in episode 11!

Well, I guess it’s unfair to ask which is the better execution on the small screen of the oblique love confessions. Office Girls is a breezy, rom-com while In Time With You is more introspective and dramatic. It would be very weird to have Li Da Ren confess in the Qin Zi Qi style and vice versa since the flow of the dramas are different. And it’s good that Taiwan has good choices of dramas this season, the audience is spoiled for choice.

Meanwhile, Office Girls continues to rule in the ratings game last Sunday with 4.89% while In Time With You got 2.56%. (Source: China Times Showbiz)

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8 thoughts on “drama: battle of the dramas… oblique love confessions

  1. I guess I’m at a different point in my life now, that I’m not finding the LiDaRen confession enough. Enough for what? I’m not sure exactly. I like LiDaRen, and I understand where he’s coming from. But it would be crazy to have a LiDaRen in my life. Thanks, but no thanks.

    That said, I really really love this drama. The lines, oh the lovely lines. I wish I wrote dialogue like that. 🙂 I hope the drama will show how they will transition from best buds only to the best for each other for a lifetime.

    I can’t comment on Office Girls because I’m not watching it nor following recaps. In fact, the only drama I’m actually watching is In Time With You. I think it’s a great choice.


  2. I’ve watched episode 6 of In Time with you around 3x already (raw & with subs). I should say I’m biased because I’m just totally addicted with ITWY. I was anticipating that scene of Da ren breaking up with Maggie for good since I definitely wanted him to confess to You Qing. I loved that scene because that was the first time he finally admitted out loud that he loves You Qing. To be honest, I would love to have a Li Da ren in my life. How I wish I was You Qing. I just admire & envy their relationship.

    The script of ITWY is just beautifully written, it’s like poetry. I love the conversations between Da ren & You Qing. There are so many touching lines in this drama that makes me reflect on my own life. Maybe because I can relate with the struggles of You Qing. I can’t comment on OG since I’m just watching ITWY. Just wanted to share my thoughts as to why I’m loving it. Thanks! 🙂


    • I know what you mean! I hope everyday is Sunday!
      Office Girls is like my popcorn but In Time With you is like steak that I have to digest properly.
      both are good but in different ways. thanks for dropping by!


  3. I love your blog, I’m Chilean and I’m not very good with my English xD I can not stop but comment on this series: D besides that Spanish-speaking people do not even give you the opportunity to taiwan productions, and I in personally, I love these two, by far the best twdrama this year =)


    • wow, just look at that, you’re from Chile! just curious, how did you find this blog?
      I agree, they’re the best TW drama this year and I’m sure they will be figuring in next year’s Golden Bell.
      btw, your English is great!


  4. haha: P I found it on twitter: D with the key words “in time with you” and “office girls” ❤ and also I think that might be candidates for the golden bell ^. ^ thanks (my English) xD I am trying to better little by little


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