Taiwan’s Beethoven trucks

The first scene of In Time With You’s episode 6 where Cheng You Qing throws the garbage out reminds me of my colleague LL.

During the trip to Harbin, TV Boss found a piano in a Russian salon and he proceeded to play Beethoven’s Für Elise to an impressed group of journalists.

After the impromptu performance, LL turned to me. “I know it’s a classic song but it reminds me of the garbage trucks in Taiwan because that’s the song that they use.”


According to this article, it was rumored that the decision to use Für Elise came from the the former health director who was looking for music for the trash trucks. He heard his daughter practicing the classic song and decided to use it, thinking it was one of the reognisable songs. He called it “garbage music”.

I wonder what Beethoven thinks of that.

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