drama: 20, 30, 40, 50 (In Time With You)

In episode 6 of In Time With You, Cheng You Qing goes on a blind date arranged by her best friend Li Da Ren and his irritating childish trying-to-be-helpful girlfriend Maggie. The guy is Maggie’s cousin, studied in the US and has two master’s degrees.

The blind date did not go well with the guy telling You Qing this:

“Women in their 20s are like (American) football, you have to chase after them. Women in their 30s are like a basketball, you don’t have to run after them that much. Women in their 40s are like (European) football, you don’t have to run after them at all because they get kicked around a lot. Women in their 50s are like a golf ball, with a wave of a club, the farther they go, the better.”

I’ll say it again, the lines in this drama are lovely and witty. They make you think…and laugh.

(Side note: I hate it when they differentiate it as “American” football or “European” football. It’s either just football or soccer to me. The Americans don’t do the beautiful game.)

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2 thoughts on “drama: 20, 30, 40, 50 (In Time With You)

    • I know the US does football but what I meant is… literally beautiful game the way Brasil or France do or to a certain degree, England. but yeah, it doesn’t really get much coverage.


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