TV: Arashi & Kohaku part deux

So December 31 will be Kohaku night again for Arashi fans as they host the annual event for the second time. This year, they’re hosting it with Mao Inoue and I’m sure, shippers of Matsumoto Jun and her are excited and happy.

The 62nd “Kohaku Uta Gassen” will be aired from 7:15pm on December 31 on NHK and is expected to be a little more somber than in previous years out of respect for the victims of the March 11 disaster.

I am wondering if Arashi will sing an original song again, like they did in the 61st Kohaku with Furusato.

I really love this song:

Report on the announcement of the 62nd Kohaku hosts:

It’s obvious that with Arashi and whatshername hosting this year, NHK is trying to pull in the younger audience considering that Kohaku’s ratings have slipped before Arashi took the hosting job last year.

So where will you be on December 31st?

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