Mike ♥ Rainie = OTP

There are some things that I accept when it comes to my OTP.

>> They won’t follow each other on Tencent.

>> They won’t post photos of each other (and my only hope, Joe Cheng, won’t either).

>> They won’t tweet-greet each other on birthdays (but they will record VCR on birthdays and important occasions yet, leave some ambiguous lines like “it’s not convenient to say here”).

>> They won’t “play” with each other to create scandals just like they do with their co-stars. Example: Mike with ostrich and the obviously set-up movie date ahead of their drama. Mike giving a “Valentine gift” for peacock during the promo of their drama. Rainie and the pig and their strangely well-chronicled “dinner date”. Rainie “dating/falling in love” with either the mule or the donkey in her last drama.

>> They would try to drop/change the topic when asked about each other. Example: Rainie blushing and poking Blackie when asked about Mike, then hiding her red face in her collar. Mike interrupting He Mama on a TV show when she started talking about Rainie.

So why do we ship them? There is a joke that SMARTies are masochists, we like to punish ourselves.

But this quote from Le Petit Prince would perhaps explain the reason why we ship who we ship:

“L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.”

What is essential is invisible to the eye. The reason can’t be found on Apple Daily or Next magazine, neither in their dramas nor in their drama promotions. It’s in what is not said, what is not seen by the paps or the cameras. It is in the unguarded moments. They talk about site visits, they talk about being best friends, being “family” (though categorically NOT in the same vein as brothers or sisters like how they refer to their other friends and co-stars), but we never really see the proof, yes, in this smartphone/Weibo/Twitter era. So when Mike and Rainie make a rare public appearance together, it’s understandable that SMARTies go out to party. Too bad that there are sour pig, ostrich, donkey fans around.

But you can’t please everyone.

Right, Mikey and Rainie?

(Photos from @smart52030 on Weibo)

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One thought on “Mike ♥ Rainie = OTP

  1. We’re absolutely not masochistic, we’re very SMART, in opposite.
    Want to know why?
    This is simply because we can perceive what normal people cannot see and understand! We don’t care therefore, It’s difficult to crazy hole, the jealous who can understand nothing beyond what their simple minds can see.
    Right, M & R?
    That Gif has captured and reflected their true relationship That they were trying desperately to hide, all that event, by unormal and unconsciously behavior and reaction of their bodies and reflexes.

    Those reflexes that the bodies memorised as inner reflexes when it is used actions and associating with feeling or emotion and habit.

    Nice one MR! You can try more, it was at their risk that what make me asking non stop: WHY WHY WHY that sudden appearence together After 4 long years and witout any projects in future No even being wearning!! THAT WAS SO SUDDEN AND WITOUT ANY LOGICAL AND NORMAL REASON FOR THEM TO APPEAR TOGETHER.

    Thanks yupki for sharing 🙂


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