seriously, Jay Chou, grow up!

I’m a huge fan of Jay Chou–his music, even his film work.

And I know for a fact that he hates the paps he calls 狗 (guo) or dogs.

Fine. Doesn’t every haunted celebrity hate those camera-wielding packs that disrupt their private lives? That’s understandable because we ordinary people know where they are coming from. They can’t walk down the street without the paps following them. They can’t pop into a konbini in the middle of the night without paps getting curious on what they bought. They can’t throw anything into the bin without someone rummaging it after them to look for things they could possibly sell on e-Bay or sell to Apple Daily or Next magazine for their scandalous value. I remember a story on how Charlene Choi and Gillian Cheung would have to take their garbage from their hotel room and dispose it somewhere it can’t be traced.

This brings to mind my interview with Mike He where we also discussed the paps.

Mike: I hate them.

Me: I’m not paps, OK?

Mike: I know.

(Yes, we conversed in English.)

But I digress and yeah, I totally get the hatred.

However, the novelty and hilarity of Jay making fun of the paps has since worn off. It’s no longer funny nor cute. And apparently, judging from the comments on this article’s thread in Asianfanatics, I am not the only one who thinks that Jay is starting to sound like an attention-whore idiot and looking very childish. I hope this isn’t the result of having an 18-year-old girlfriend?

And he has been doing his taunting behind Weibo and Facebook. How very convenient, Chou Jie-lun.

This one was forwarded to Weibo from his Facebook posting:


“Paparazzi would say anything when they lose the person they’re trailing and pretend to be Detective Conan. Please don’t ruin Conan’s reputation. It’s such a shame that you didn’t get anything at the airport. You even lost track of your target today.”

He was referring to the paps tailing him and his entourage after their arrival from Tokyo, where he was said to have taken a vacation with Hannah Quinlivan and his mom. Looks like Chou Mama approves of the little girl and has become some sort of an enabler? Whatever, I hope she would just tell his son to behave like a little Christian boy. (Bubble in my head has Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory saying: sarcasm!)

And then he goes on to post on his @MrJ台灣官方 account on Weibo:


“If you are as good as Detective Conan, you wouldn’t have waited outside the building for hours. Work harder next time. Let’s see how much you guys have improved when I release my new album. You might want to send 10 cars to follow me.”

This challenge is getting so old Chou Jie-lun. As one commenter on AF said: “Yeah Jay…I don’t think it’s a good idea to be pushing the paparazzi like that….you’re only asking for trouble you know…and you won’t be laughing when they get ugly…and they do get really UGLY. Good luck but I’m not going to feel sorry for you because you asked for it.”

My thoughts exactly, honey.

I have a feeling that this is typical behavior of a guy who’s trying to impress a naive little girl, who will be impressed with anything anyway. And what for Jay? Your resume is already impressive for anyone. You weren’t like this when you were with Patty Huo. Oops, but she was a grown-up lady, right?

And so…the little big boy is not done taunting yet. This one posted through a friend’s microblog.

杰倫:如果開這台車 真不知道狗兒們怎麼跟我 好替牠們擔心喔哈哈 開直昇機嗎

“I wonder how the paparazzi will follow me if I drive this car? I’m really worried for them. Haha, use the helicopter next time.”

Aw, go ahead Chou Jie-lun, let them eat dust with that car of yours.

Or better yet, GROW UP.

Oh… but your fast cars, 18-year-old girlfriend and childish behavior… they’re all telling me this is a mid-life crisis. Aren’t you too early for that, buddy?

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