drama: Qin Zi Qi’s Office Girls dilemma

(Roy Qiu…why you so hot part 5)

Episode 9, Office Girls

This is not a review but a rant.

It has come to a point that I skip all the Tia Li scenes because I could not stand her character as Zhang Kai Er, the office beauty who’s turning out to be the covert office bitch.

I can handle drama villains who show their real color but this one, she’s tricky, conniving and manipulative and I can’t stand people like that–whether in reel or real life. And I hope that she gets her justice and I wouldn’t settle for anything less than her marrying the rabbit (or the pig in real life).

Tia Li is my new Ariel Lin. 最高!!! saikou!!!! (I just love how you can make a pun using Nihongo.)

And now she has told her “secret” to Qin Zi Qi and taken out the sob story card.

Oh please, lady. This is my reaction to that bullshit:

l do love Qin Zi Qi’s friend, Paul, who noticed from the very start that his friend likes Shen Xing Ren the moment he took her to look at an apartment. And Paul is obviously enjoying Zi Qi’s dilemma.

Wo xi huan Shen Xing Ren? Wo xi huan Shen Xing Ren?!

Hao lah, Qin Zi Qi, take out the question mark and end it with a… full stop.

I also love the manager because despite his boorish and bullish ways, he seems to be the other person who can see what really is going on between the two clueless fools.

Seriously Qin Zi Qi, you’re the only one who doesn’t see your feelings. It’s very telling as your prince complex.

I can’t wait till episode 10. I could see lots of Qin Zi Qi and Shen Xing Ren moments. Shooo Zhang Kai Er! Plus Janel Tsai finally shows up as Wei Min Na, Lao Yu’s girlfriend. I loved her in The Fierce Wife and I wonder how she’s gonna be like here. Can you please make life hell for Zhang Kai Er, ke yi mah?

How many more episodes till you figure it out, huh, Qin Zi Qi?

It doesn’t really matter because… Roy Qiu, why you so hot???

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