Golden Horse 2011: Ethan Ruan & Hou Hsiao-hsien

This year’s Golden Horse Festival (Chinese Oscars) has last year’s best actor winner Ethan Ruan (for Monga) as the official ambassador. And no less than renowned Taiwanese filmmaker Hou Hsia-hsien helmed the 30-second film that features Ethan to promote the festival.

The official poster:

(Side note: I like Ethan. Among the Catwalk trio–Joe Cheng, Mike He and him–he was the least likely to be famous and in fact, was a late fame adapter. His big breakthrough was Fated To Love You, which opened a lot of doors for him, and how. I mean, who would have imagined that years on, he will be winning best actor at the Golden Horse? I also think he’s media savvy and knows how to handle the paps. He is not a saint and I don’t think he has pretensions of being one; he just knows how to play it cool.)

For more information on the Golden Horse Festival schedule, click here.

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